STIIIZY Attends MI Spring Jam 2023

Date: Sunday, May 7, 2023

Location: Dort Financial Center - Flint, MI

In the heart of Flint, MI, Summer Jam 23 unfolded like a captivating movie, immersing attendees in the ultimate celebration of hip-hop culture. This music and talent showcase brought together some of the hottest artists, including the Grammy-nominated sensation, Glorilla. With its promise of an unforgettable night, Summer Jam 23 became a must-attend event for music lovers far and wide.

The scene unfolded and the stage came alive with electrifying performances, setting the perfect backdrop for an epic evening. Summer Jam 23 delivered on its promise, capturing the essence of the culture and creating a truly immersive experience.

Amidst the excitement, STIIIZY made its mark, ensuring that attendees had more than just great music to enjoy. Our education table was strategically set up near the box office, ready to engage and enlighten those waiting in line. Dedicated STIIIZY brand representatives took the opportunity to connect with the community, sharing our values, and highlighting the ways we support and uplift those around us.

Behind the scenes, another table beckoned the VIP guests, promising a special experience like no other. A treasure trove of STIIIZY merchandise awaited them, designed to enhance their enjoyment of the show. From STIIIZY water bottles to rolling trays, lighters, rolling papers, lanyards, and stickers, we left no stone unturned in providing a full, exciting branded journey.

We went the extra mile for Glorilla's team and gifted goodie bags filled with STIIIZY samples + batteries that we carefully prepared, ensuring that they experienced the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of our products. And for Glorilla herself, we curated a custom goodie box, showcasing our finest STIIIZY 40's and STIIIZY vapes. This personalized touch created a deep and lasting connection between the artist and our premium cannabis brand, amplifying the positive association between Summer Jam 23's incredible vibes and the elevated escapade we provided.

As the night progressed, the fusion of music, culture, and STIIIZY's presence became a harmonious symphony. It was a testament to our commitment to not only delivering exceptional cannabis products but also uplifting moments and creating memories that resonate with the community.

With Summer Jam 23 etched in the hearts of all who attended, the credits rolled on this chapter of the STIIIZY journey. But the story continues, as we eagerly anticipate future events where we can continue to enrich the lives of music lovers and cannabis enthusiasts alike, one extraordinary experience at a time.