On November 11, 2019 for Veterans Day, STIIIZY partnered up with the Battle Brothers Foundation to bring a personally-made short-film documentary called ‘Coming Home’ as well as released a limited-edition camo battery with a percentage of proceeds going to the foundation.

STIIIZY is a proud, veteran-owned company that has always done what it can to give back to the veteran community here in the United States. This project was very dear to James Kim (STIIIZY co-founder, managing director of Shryne Group) who is a combat veteran himself as well as numerous others within the Shryne Group company who are fellow military veterans.

“I served in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division during a 13-month tour in Iraq.” Kim stated in his Forbes interview with Warren Bobrow. “After serving, I was in search of a solution to help me cope with PTSD, and cannabis did just that and helped me transition from military to civilian life. It helped me overcome challenges. When I decided that I had the ability to create my own solution and cannabis brand, I went for it!”

Millions of veterans have sacrificed their mental and physical health trying to make a better life for themselves and their family through the U.S. military system; about 11-20 out of every 100 veterans who have served in OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) or OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) for example, have PTSD in a given year (U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, 2018). Numbers not including statistics from the past 2 years alone.

We partnered up with the chosen group: Battle Brothers Foundation because they aim to empower veterans and their families for a successful transition back to civilian life after their military service — their values being personal development, physical/mental well-being and economic stability for a successful transition and future. With the release of the camo battery, 20% of all proceeds from our Veterans Day sale that month went to the Battle Brothers Foundation.

For the short-film documentary, we chose a member that was a great role model from the foundation named Andy Miears. In the documentary, we interviewed Miears and listened to his story on his successful transition from military life to civilian life — discussing how cannabis had a positive impact on that transition.

The short-film documentary highlighted his journey of fitness, mental health and life in sustainable agriculture: planting and harvesting even his own cannabis plants for self-consumption. Learn more about Andy Miears by viewing the documentary below!

To donate to the Battle Brothers Foundation, click here.