If you’ve ever been inside a cannabis dispensary, then you’ve seen hundreds of different types of weed products on the shelves. You’ve seen flower jars, bags of edibles, infused joints, high-quality dabs, weed pen cartridges, and pods—the whole gamut of things that can come from such a wondrous plant.

Out of them all, the most popular product is always the raw cannabis flower. That’s because you can do so many things with the raw version of the plant, and enjoy a wide range of benefits

Let’s explore some of the benefits of choosing cannabis flower as your primary method of consumption.

A crouching man with a shaved head wearing all black and holding a bag of weed, smokes cannabis flower.

What do we mean by cannabis flower?

First of all, for the people who don’t know, we're talking about weed. Cannabis flower is the smokeable version of the plant that fills your mouth with flavorful smoke and makes your body feel a wide range of effects.

Only female cannabis plants produce flowers. Male weed plants produce seeds and pollen sacs that cross-pollinate with female cannabis plants and bless the world with the thousands of different cannabis strains we know and love.

Cannabis strains, or strains of weed, refer to individual types of cannabis flower. They are classified as sativas, indicas, and hybrids, based on the way they grow and the type of flowers they produce.

Historically, these weed classifications have been used to categorize the effects we feel from certain cannabis strains; however, we are learning to view terpenes as the guide toward specific highs.

Terpenes are aromatic oils that live within a cannabis plant’s trichomes. Trichomes are those sticky white crystals you see on your buds. They house the cannabinoids we need to feel high or not, the terpenes that produce flavors, and help steer us toward certain highs, whether they’re uplifting, calming, sleepy, and so forth.

White, mushroom-shaped trichomes cover a thick green leaf of cannabis flower.

Why is cannabis flower so popular?

You might find yourself wondering why, with all the innovation in cannabis devices and the types of products that can be made from cannabis plants, that flower has never been knocked off the top spot of consumption methods for people. The answer lies in genetics.

Genetics refers to a cannabis strain’s lineage, i.e. the father and mother plants used to create them. Some strains are best consumed as flower, being that their trichome density may not be high enough to be processed into cannabis extracts and the range of products that can be made from them.

Plus, in the end, flower is the most classic way to consume weed. In fact, a 2020 study from the National Library of Medicine concluded that eight out of ten people still prefer cannabis flower to cannabis concentrates. That’s a whopping 80% of consumers who understand and prioritize the many benefits of consuming cannabis flower.

Cannabis flower with purple hairs is covered with terpene-rich trichomes that contain the cannabinoids we all love.

4 benefits of consuming cannabis flower

Here are five quick benefits of consuming cannabis flower.


The primary benefit of consuming flower is that you’ll always have the first shot at new strains of weed. Way before plants are processed into dabs, they’ll be available as flower to see how the market responds. If they love it, cultivators will partner with extractors to produce flavorful oils for extract enthusiasts to enjoy too.

Flower consumers love the choice of new flavors. It’s why the market is always pushing out new strains, in hopes of keeping up with consumer demand (and consumption fatigue). After smoking one strain enough, people usually think “Okay, that was cool, but what’s next?”

With flower, there will always be thousands of options for those people. Choosing the right strains to try will come down to personal preference. Try different weed strains, diversify your flavor palate, enjoy a bunch of different terpene profiles, and you’ll soon be an expert on the types of weed you love to smoke.


Past the wide variety of strains, there are always so many consumption devices for flower that you could smoke the plant differently each time and never get bored.

Obviously, you can roll up flower in joint papers and blunt wraps. Those are the most common ways of consuming flower. But you can also use pipes, bongs, handheld dry herb vaporizers, tabletop dry herb vaporizers, one-hitters, chillums, and pretty much anything else that you can put a bowl and mouthpiece in. People even hollow out certain fruits, like apples, to make bongs.

A man in a tank top smokes cannabis flower out of a small orange bong on a table.

The time length of the sesh

This benefit refers mostly to rolled-up cannabis, like joints and blunts, but depending on your level of tolerance, it’s not uncommon for people to spend some time toking on pipes and bongs, or even having a few puffs of a dry-herb vapes. That’s a huge benefit for people who like to use cannabis as a way to wind down and take a break from their responsibilities.

While this also may depend, but consuming cannabis flower that way is likely to take longer than taking dabs—usually one puff is enough, but that also depends on your tolerance—hitting vape pens, and eating edibles.

Typically, smoking a joint will take between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on how much weed is in the paper, how well it was rolled, and how evenly it burns. Smoking flower makes for a great break for anyone needing a breather.

A young lady with a long ponytail and a white STIIIZY shirt smokes cannabis flower on a rooftop.

The ritual of rolling up

One of the biggest reasons you’ll hear flower-first consumers say they prefer buds to oils and even pre-rolls, is the ritual of rolling up. There’s something special about sitting down with a jar of high-quality cannabis, your grinder, and a couple of papers.

The process of sitting back, taking a breath, then twisting up a joint develops an intimate relationship between you and the plant.

Cannabis flower is being ground and rolled into joints on a table with grinders and a lighter.

Growing vs buying cannabis flower

Another great thing about cannabis flower is that you can learn to grow it on your own, but it takes a lot of practice and expertise.

If you’re willing to put in the time, eventually you can get good at it. You can pick the exact strains you want to consume and save money on shopping by producing an abundance of weed.

But, this takes a lot of time to perfect (years, in fact). In addition, you need the right facilities, equipment, and legal rights to do so (many landlords reject home-growing cannabis).

Therefore, many people will probably never even attempt to grow their own weed, in favor of just buying it at dispensaries from top-tier cannabis brands that have done all of the work for you.

In the end, it’s easy to see why so many people love cannabis flower. Just make sure you are using high-quality buds from reputable brands that you can trust.

At STIIIZY, we only use premium flower for all of our cannabis products including our proprietary pods and battery system.

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