#1 BRAND IN CALIFORNIA Premium cannabis products

STIIIZY's selection spans from advanced vaping technology to artisanal cannabis products. Begin with our innovative batteries - the sleek STIIIZY Battery and the powerful BIIIG Battery, complemented by a convenient portable charger for uninterrupted enjoyment.

Our Original Pods, featuring naturally derived terpenes, set the industry benchmark with their consistent aroma and taste. For a more authentic touch, our Cannabis Derived Terpene pods are extracted from local, single-sourced plants, ensuring a perfect blend of flavor and potency. Experience full-spectrum flavor with our Live Resin pods, harvested at its peak and flash-frozen. Elevate your experience further with our Live Resin Liquid Diamonds pods, blending high potency and true cannabis flavor for a luxurious dab-like experience. For the purists, our Solventless Live Rosin pods delivers the essence of the plant in its purest form. For on-the-go convenience, our All-in-One THC pens and LIIIL disposable weed pens combine portability and quality.

For the ultimate connoisseur, our Black Label flower represents the pinnacle of top-shelf, ultra-premium cannabis. The White Label flower offers a harmonious balance, combining full-sun and artificial light cultivation to produce dense, trichome-rich nugs with robust terpene profiles. Embracing the purity of nature, our White Label flower is sun-grown, delivering a full spectrum experience in its most natural form. Elevate your experience with our 40's Infused flower and Pre-Rolls, a potent blend of premium cannabis flower infused with THC-A Diamonds. And for those seeking unmatched strength in a convenient format, our 40's Blunts are a blend our finest flower with a live resin infusion, wrapped in tobacco-free, kief-dusted hemp with a glass tip.

Our Curated Live Resin, is the epitome of full spectrum flavor and potency. For those seeking a powerful dabbing experience, our Live Resin Diamonds and Sauce combines high-potency with rich terpene flavors in every dab. Our Crushed Diamonds provide the highest potency extract. Our Live Rosin Badder and Live Rosin Jam is a pure, solvent-free concentrate made from the finest trichomes cured to perfection.

For edible enthusiasts, we have a selection of flavorful THC gummies and THC+CBD edibles for a delightful and balanced experience. Both lines of edibles are non-vegan, contain coconut, and are renowned for their long-lasting effects and bursting fruit flavors.

Choose from an easy in-store pickup at our dispensary locations or with our reliable delivery service, ensuring that your preferred STIIIZY products arrive at your doorstep with ease and efficiency.