The safest way to ensure that the STIIIZY product you purchased is a state-regulated, lab-tested cannabis product is to make sure the retailer is a state-licensed dispensary or delivery service.

We encourage you to ask the retailer for its state license number and to verify it with your local cannabis authorities. Please note that STIIIZY cannabis products are currently available only in California, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona. In California, to verify if a retailer is licensed you can visit the Bureau of Cannabis Control website at https://bcc.ca.gov/consumers/weedwise.html.

In an effort to combat counterfeits, STIIIZY is continuously improving its packaging. We recently introduced QR codes in some of our packages and expect to have them on all new packaging in the near future. You can learn more at https://verify.stiiizy.com.

If you believe you've been sold a counterfeit STIIIZY product, please email us at support@stiiizy.com with the following:

Photos of the packaging; front and back.Photos of the pod and/or battery; front, back, top and bottom.Name and contact information of the retailer, or Weedmaps link, where you purchased the product.

STIIIZY cannabis products are currently available in California, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona. To find your nearest retailer please visit https://www.stiiizy.com/store-locator or https://weedmaps.com/brands/stiiizy.

STIIIZY batteries and merchandise can be ordered online at STIIIZY.com and they can be shipped anywhere in the country.

It is illegal to ship products containing cannabis directly to patients or consumers. To find your nearest retailer please visit https://www.stiiizy.com/store-locator or https://weedmaps.com/brands/stiiizy. STIIIZY cannabis products are currently only available in California, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona.

STIIIZY batteries can be ordered online at STIIIZY.com. Look up each item for pricing.

Prices may vary by dispensary or delivery service as independent retailers set their own prices. To find your nearest retailer please visit https://www.stiiizy.com/store-locator or https://weedmaps.com/brands/stiiizy. STIIIZY cannabis products are currently only available in California, Nevada and Michigan.

Wholesale or bulk orders are only available to licensed retailers in California, Nevada, Michigan and Arizona.

If you are a licensed retailer in any of these states, please send us a copy of your state business license and contact information to support@stiiizy.com, and we will forward it to our wholesale department for follow up.

The pods have an estimated shelf life of one year, but this may vary with different environmental conditions such as heat, cold and humidity, and different usage patterns.

STIIIZY only uses the highest quality cannabis oils and botanical terpenes. Changes in coloring occur naturally over time and do not impact purity, potency or effectiveness of the products.

Clogged pods may occur from time to time. To prevent clogging be sure to recharge the battery often so that it is always working at its optimum heat level. We recommend charging the battery on low voltage for 30-45 minutes.

Also check out these other troubleshoot and care tips:

To clear clogs, try dry hitting it, meaning pull on the pod without the battery.Do not charge the battery with the pod inserted.Make sure the battery is fully charged before use.Do not use product while the battery is charging.Keep pods and batteries away from extreme heat or cold, and humidity.Replace pods before they are completely dry to avoid overheating.

Minimal leakage may occur from time to time. Use a cotton swab with a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean residue and see if the problem persists.

To prevent leaking, follow these care tips for pods:

– Keep pods and batteries away from enclosed small spaces, extreme heat or cold, and humidity.
– Do not store pods upside down.

If leakage persists or is excessive, please contact us at support@stiiizy.com.

STIIIZY Starter Kits and BIIIG Batteries purchased online comes with a 30-day limited warranty from the original date of purchase. Please keep the original receipt and bring it with you to the store where you bought the battery. If purchased from STIIIZY.COM, please contact us at support@stiiizy.com to set up your return.

STIIIZY pods purchased at a licensed retailer must be full or nearly full to qualify for an exchange. Empty or significantly used pods do not qualify for an exchange.

– Full or nearly full pods may be replaced for the following reasons;
– Cracked or leaking pod.
– Clogged pod.
– Pod not making connection with the battery.
– Pod not producing smoke.

You must keep the original receipt and bring it with you to the store where you bought the pod.

How long pods last will vary from user to user depending on frequency of use and length of draw.

We recommend replacing your used pod before it is completely dry or empty to avoid overheating the coils.

The STIIIZY system is proprietary and our pods are only compliant with STIIIZY batteries.

With a pod inserted, the white LED light should come on during your draw, and you should notice vapor being produced.

When the LED light turns red, it is time to charge your battery.

Use the USB cable provided and plug into the port located at the bottom of the battery. Remove once fully charged. The LED light will turn from red to white. Do not connect a pod to the battery while charging, and do not attempt to use it while charging.

The LED light will turn from red to white when fully charged.

The temperature is set at 400 degrees fahrenheit.

SOLID RED = charging is required

BLINK RED TWICE = bad pod connection. Check pod/battery prong connectors and make sure they are clean.

SOLID WHITE = charging is complete

BLINK TWICE WHITE = pod is properly inserted, ready for use

SOLID WHITE = during draw

Product safety and quality are top priorities for STIIIZY. All our products are tested by state-licensed, independent labs to ensure they are free of harmful chemicals such as Benzine, pesticides and metals. We also maintain the highest quality by only using the purest cannabis extracts and botanical terpenes. We do not add “fillers' ' such as vitamin E acetates to our products.

Clogging may occur with LIIIL STIIIZY disposable pens from time to time. Checkout these troubleshoot and care tips for assistance:

– Pull softly and slowly for 5-7 seconds until you hear the airway clear up.
– Keep the pens away from extreme heat or cold and, and humidity.

It’s not recommended for customers to consume BIIITs if they have an allergy to peanuts.

It can take 2-3 business days from the date of purchase for the order to be processed (weekends do not apply as business days). Customers may experience a delay in their orders due to the postal services being at max capacity.

All online orders are final unless battery is defective. See "How Do I Return My Battery For a Refund" for more information.

Once a package/order has been processed and shipped by USPS, we are not liable for any lost or stolen items. We recommend checking out these tips:

– Allow 36 business hours from the date of said deliverance for the package to arrive
– Check the surrounding area for the package
– Someone else may have accepted the delivery for you
– There may have been a notice of attempted delivery
– Contact your local USPS with your tracking number

If the billing address and shipping address do not match, then the order will not process successfully.

Please allow 3-5 business days depending on your financial institution for the funds to reflect back into your account.

As long as the apparel item is unopened, with packaging and tags attached and no damages, we will exchange the exact item for a different size. Only applies based on product availability. Exchanges are valid only while supplies last. (Note: All headwear items are one sizes fits all)

All merchandise can only be exchange for the same item of a different size. Otherwise, all sales are final. For exchanges, merchandise (apparel and accessories, excluding batteries) must be returned in its original condition. Original packaging and tags attached, unworn, no odor, no stains, no damages, unwashed) upon approved inspection, then you will receive confirmation of your exchange once processed.

All sales are final unless the battery is defective. We won't approve a replacement if the battery is physically damaged in any way. If we receive a physically damaged battery, we will not be able to return it. Please contact us at support@stiiizy.com for further information.

– Battery must be in the original condition it was received and please include the purchase receipt or order number.

NOTICE: If we do not receive any communication from a customer within 30 days of us contacting them, the order will be cancelled.

For any other questions or concerns, please view our FAQ Page or contact us at support@STIIIZY.com.