Art Meets Rave: STIIIZY Costa Mesa Spectacular

Picture this: art, culture, and a hefty dash of cannabis - the unbeatable STIIIZY trifecta. Our latest bash in Costa Mesa wasn't just a party - it was a thrilling celebration of creativity, entertainment, and experiences that keep you coming back for more.

Part 1: The Art Extravaganza

Our art show wasn't your regular gallery visit. Oh no, we kicked things off with an exclusive peek into the ETTSS, short for "Exit Through The Surf Shop" Art Gallery. We transformed a 21+ lounge into a bustling stage of artistic expressions that were as unique as our guests. The star attractions? An army of colorful skateboards that doubled as an art display, up for viewing only for the lucky ones donning a STIIIZY VIP wristband.

And then came the graffiti homage. Remember our T-Shirt Airbrush booth? Talk about turning tees into artistic statements! Every stroke, every splash of color was a nod to our beloved graffiti culture - STIIIZY style.

Need a breather? Our lounge activation was the chill-out zone. With comfy couches to sink into and mesh kits loaded with all your smoking must-haves, it was just the right mix of relaxation and buzz. Plus, we had our funky art pieces (ever seen a vending machine trap door or a super-sleek security camera?) adding that extra edge to the scene.

The cherry on top? We paid a special tribute to our participating artists, including the talented Chito Vera, The Seventh Letter, DEFER, and RVCA Founder Pat, gifting them with some seriously cool custom STIIIZY boxes. These weren't just random trinkets; they were mini art installations, tailored to encapsulate the artist's life, art, and their influence on the culture.

Part 2: Time-Warp to The Underground

From the kaleidoscope of art, we dived straight into an era of neon lights and groovy beats - an underground rave reminiscent of the late '80s, and guess who was in the driver's seat? STIIIZY, in partnership with Insomniac Events.

The Underground was our playground to redefine the VIP experience. Comfy couches with our logo, quirky branded pillows, and our signature light-up letters added a nostalgic vibe to the rave.

The drinks? Totally on us! We kept the party peeps in high spirits as we partied in what felt like an eternal rave. Time seemed to loop into itself, making for a party that felt timeless, and ridiculously fun.

But, let's not forget our signature - spreading love and light. The Underground was no exception. We dialed up the mood and energy, turning an average rave into a STIIIZY spectacular!

The After Party:

Our dual bonanza - ETTSS and the Underground - was STIIIZY in its full glory. It was all about our love for art, culture, and, of course, a darn good time.

Costa Mesa felt the STIIIZY vibe in full swing, from the vibrant art scene to the pulsating underground rave culture. Word on the street? Wherever we pop up, extraordinary unfolds.

So, whether it's art, music, or an event, you can count on us to elevate the experience. Keep an eye out for the next STIIIZY takeover - it's sure to be an event you won't want to miss. Join us on this journey, become a part of our growing STIIIZY family, and let's make memories together.