Arts, Beats, and Eats: Fly Fiiirst Class with STIIIZY!

High-Flying Fun with STIIIZY! 🚀

Hey STIIIZY fam! Guess where we soared this time? Right into the heart of the Arts, Beats, and Eats festival in Royal Oak, Michigan. This four-day street fiesta was all about groovy tunes, yummy bites, and some epic art pieces. And guess what? For the first time, folks got to buy AND enjoy some cool products right on the spot!

STIIIZY + House of Dank = Total Blast! 🎉

Big shoutout to our pals at House of Dank for teaming up and letting us paint the sky with our “High in the Sky” theme. Our awesome field marketers were all decked out in slick pilot gear, totally ready for takeoff. We even had this super fun game, ‘Fly Fiiirst Class with STIIIZY’. Ready for the deets?

Your Passport to Cloud Nine! ☁️✈️

Imagine this: A STIIIZY passport taking you on a journey across the festival. At every STIIIZY spot, you'd get a stamp. More stamps? More fun! Once our jet-setters filled their passports, they snagged a cool STIIIZY trucker hat and even got a chance to win a whopping $1000 in Delta flight credits. And that's not all! Our passport adventure helped many discover the magical Dankway, the go-to spot for some amazing products.

A Festival Like No Other 🎶🎨🍔

Let's chat about Arts, Beats, and Eats for a sec. With over 200 musical acts across 9 stages, it was a jam-packed party! The best part? Everyone was invited! Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or just there for the good vibes, this was THE place to be.

High in the Sky’s Mission 🌿❤️

Our buddies at House of Dank wanted to make the cannabis world a big, happy family. Their vision? Shine a spotlight on all the cool stuff happening in the cannabis scene. From top-notch products to the rad culture, they’re all about making everyone feel welcome. Whether you’ve been in the game for years or you’re just curious, House of Dank created a cozy corner for all.

Looking Back... and Ahead! 👀

Long days? Yup. Massive crowds? Totally. But seeing all of you dive into the STIIIZY experience? Worth it! We’re beyond stoked to have been a part of something that's not just fun but also helps put cannabis in the spotlight in a super chill way.

Ready for the next adventure, STIIIZY fam? We sure are! So keep those eyes peeled and bags packed. Next stop? More fun, more memories, and of course, more STIIIZY!