The Best 420 Events in 2024: From California to Illinois & Beyond

Every stoner's favorite holiday is approaching fast. Here at STIIIZY, we prepared a helpful guide detailing all of the best events happening on and around April 20th to ensure you celebrate in style. Whether you enjoy live music, good food, cannabis challenges and competitions , or just plain smoking weed with like-minded individuals - we've got you covered.
This 4/20 is extra special because it takes place on the weekend (Saturday, April 20th). Fun fact, this year's celebratory date is also fully reversible (4/20/24 is 4/20/24 backwards) for the first and only time. Learn all about the events happening across America in this article.

The History of 420 Cannabis Events in America

4/20 has evolved into a significant cultural event across America, particularly in states like California, Nevada, Michigan, Illinois, and Arizona, where cannabis laws have seen substantial progress in recent years. 

The origin of 4/20 as a cannabis culture phenomenon can be traced back to a group of high school students in California in the early 1970s who would meet at 4:20 PM to search for a rumored hidden marijuana crop. The term "4/20" became a code for cannabis consumption and gathering, spreading through counterculture communities.

Over the years, April 20th (4/20) evolved into a significant date for cannabis enthusiasts globally, celebrated through various events, parties, and protests advocating for the legalization of marijuana. 4/20 protests often serve as platforms for activists to push for legislative changes regarding cannabis laws, advocating for its decriminalization or full legalization. 

Today 4/20 parties and events have become widespread, ranging from small gatherings among friends to large-scale festivals featuring music, art, and cannabis-themed activities, all reflecting the cultural significance of the date within the cannabis community.


The Best 420 Events in California

California's cannabis market holds immense significance, not only within the state but also nationally and globally. As the largest cannabis market in the United States, California drives innovation and sets trends that often influence the industry's direction nationwide. 

With its long history of cannabis cultivation and progressive attitudes toward legalization, California cultivators, producers, and entrepreneurs have pioneered new strains, products, and consumption methods, shaping the cannabis landscape for the entire country. 

This innovation, coupled with the state's diverse cultural influences and entrepreneurial spirit, positions California as a leader in the cannabis industry, making its 4/20 events not only celebrations but also showcases of the state's ongoing contributions to cannabis culture and commerce. California hosts numerous 4/20 events, ranging from large-scale festivals to smaller gatherings.

Drop by your local STIIIZY dispensary in SoCal or NorCal and stock up before heading out. 

Some of the most notable 4/20 events in California include:

  • Hippie Hill Gathering (San Francisco): Held annually in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the Hippie Hill Gathering is one of the most iconic 4/20 events. Thousands of people gather to celebrate with music, food, and cannabis consumption (and sales with on-site dispensaries). This event offers free admission for all cannabis enthusiasts. Musical guests are a surprise and typically not announced until closer to the event. Past performances and guests have included Erykah Badu, Berner, Too Short, Richie Rich, RBL Posse, Mike Tyson, Hannibal Buress, and more.


  • Kushstock 420: Kushstock Festival, established in 2016, has attracted over 100,000 attendees across its events and maintains full compliance and licensing. This year, the festival anticipates hosting 10,000 attendees alongside top brands from California's legal cannabis market. As a B2C event, Kushstock allows attendees to purchase licensed cannabis from authorized retailers on-site. Previous editions have featured renowned headliners such as E40, Juicy J, and Bone Thugs N Harmony, solidifying its reputation as a premier cannabis celebration in California.

 (Flashback to 2021 Kushstock)

  • 420 Friendly Comedy Shows: For those seeking a good laugh alongside their cannabis experience, 420-friendly comedy shows are a great choice. These events seamlessly blend comedy with cannabis, offering a 420-friendly stand-up experience. Attendees can enjoy the comedic talents of various performers while indulging in their preferred smoke. It's worth mentioning that most of these events operate on a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bud) policy. Examples include The Green Room Los Angeles comedy show and 420 is Dope! hosted by Damon Monday and Angel Hernandez.


  • Puff & Pot: Workshop and Elevated Brunch: Plant and brunch enthusiasts can rejoice! Puff & Pot is offering a unique experience with a full course cannabis-infused brunch and a pot-your-own-plant workshop. The organizer, Severina, is renowned for hosting "Bubbles and Blooms" in LA and is now offering a 420-friendly version of the event on the biggest day of the year.

     (Photo from Eventbrite)

    The Best 420 Events in Nevada

    Nevada, known for its innovative and ever-expanding cannabis market, hosts several notable 420 events that draw consumers from near and far. Over 40 million fun-seeking visitors experience Las Vegas and the surrounding areas each year, with the number of cannabis tourists increasing as the city becomes synonymous with more 420-friendly events. 

    Some of the most hyped events this year include:

    • 420 State Fair Nevada: This one-of-a-kind 420 State Fair event will be held for the first time in 2024 at Nuwu Cannabis on Paiute Cir in Las Vegas. This unique gathering offers attendees an immersive experience with music, themed midway games, carnival concessions & unique attractions. The party goes all day from noon until 2AM.


    • 420 Pool Party: Las Vegas is famous worldwide for their exciting outdoor pool parties. This year, there is an aquatic celebration on the strip organized specifically for cannabis consumers. The 420 Pool Party in Las Vegas hosted by Lamar Hip Hop & Reggae events promises a day full of fun in the Nevada heat with cannabis consumption, swimming, good music and more.


    • 420 Dispensary Tours: This 4/20, jump on the "Canni-bus" and experience the ultimate Las Vegas Dispensary Tour. This tour brings attendees to 2 different premier Las Vegas dispensaries, allows access to the only certified smoking lounge in Las Vegas, a private Las Vegas party bus, a VIP tour of the city's cannabis culture, free food, drink and snacks. The consumption lounge you visit is equipped with a full service dab bar, infused edibles, beverages and more.

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      The Best 420 Events in Michigan

      Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Michigan in 2018, the state has witnessed a significant evolution in its cannabis industry. With a robust regulatory framework in place, Michigan has become one of the fastest-growing markets for cannabis cultivation, production, and sales in the United States. STIIIZY has a number of premium legal cannabis dispensaries located across Michigan

      Full transparency - Michigan is a little short on 4/20 specific events this year compared to other states we cover in this article. However - do not fear - we have included all of the best 420 events we could find plus some extras that are taking place throughout the rest of the year. If you know of any fun Michigan events happening on April 20th, send us a tweet and let us know!

      • CannaBash Events: Located in Michigan at the "Field of Greens", the first music venue in the U.S. to offer both alcohol and cannabis sales and consumption, CannaBash is a yearly musical event that celebrates cannabis hosted by Grams & Jams. This festival typically takes place in July and has featured renowned artists such as Ludacris and Sada Baby on past line-ups. CannaBash is also responsible for hosting numerous events leading up to July including Bikers, Buds And Brews and Grams & Jams Country Night. Stay tuned for possible announcements of a CannaBash event on 4/20.

      • Cannabana Music Festival: Hosted by CrowdFreak, a musician multimedia platform, this all day music festival hosted at White Star Night Club in Detroit offers 3 floors of activations, 10+ DJs, vendors, food, musical performances and much more.
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      • Hash Bash: Although not taking place on April 20th, Hash Bash is an annual event held in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Originally scheduled for every April 1st, it now occurs on the first Saturday of April at noon on the University of Michigan Diag. The event features a combination of speeches, live music, and occasional civil disobedience, all aimed at advocating for the reform of federal, state, and local marijuana laws. This year's event is the 53rd annual Hash Bash celebration in Michigan.

      • Arts, Beats & Eats: Also not on April 20th itself but still of importance to the cannabis community in Michigan, this festival is one of Michigan's largest yearly gatherings featuring 200 musical acts, art, music, cuisine and community. Since 2023, there has been a dedicated space for attendees to purchase and consume cannabis on-site, marking a pivotal turn for mainstream acceptance in the state and allowing new consumers to connect with cannabis brands and ask open questions. This event typically takes place September 1st through 4th.

      These events exemplify Michigan's dynamic cannabis culture and provide platforms for both celebration and advocacy on April 20th and beyond.

      The Best 420 Events in Illinois

      Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois in January 2020, the state has experienced a transformative shift in its cannabis landscape. With a carefully crafted regulatory framework, Illinois has emerged as a key player in the cannabis industry.Illinois hosts a variety of compelling events on and around April 20th for local and visiting cannabis enthusiasts, especially in Chicago.

      • 420 in Chicago by Leaf Lounge: The 420 celebration in Chicago is more than just an event; it's a purposeful gathering celebrating the legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois. Through four distinct experiences - a Golf Outing, Brunch, Lounge Experience, and Soiree & Concert - this celebration will engage a diverse audience aged 21 and above, reflecting the vibrant essence of Chicago. Additionally, it will offer support to the 501(c)3 organization "Cann-I-Just" by providing resources to further its mission.

      • 420 Illinois Festival: On April 20th at the Logan County Fairground on Woodlawn Road in Lincoln, IL, the 420 Illinois Festival promises a vibrant gathering for cannabis enthusiasts. Attendees can expect a diverse lineup of local and emerging artists and bands, delivering captivating performances throughout the day. With an array of food trucks offering an assortment of delectable treats and a bustling vendor village showcasing a variety of cannabis-related products and accessories, attendees will have plenty to explore. This event offers an opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the cannabis culture and enjoy a day filled with music, food, and community spirit.
      • The Miracle In Mundelein: Although not on April 20th, The Miracle In Mundelein is a groundbreaking two-day festival celebrating cannabis, music, and art. Last year's debut marked the first Illinois concert to permit onsite cannabis consumption, boasting a stacked, multi-genre lineup featuring headliners Cypress Hill, Action Bronson, Lettuce, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, and more. While the dates for 2024 haven't yet been confirmed, organizers are expected to make an announcement soon, offering attendees the anticipation of another memorable experience.

      These events highlight Illinois' growing cannabis community and provide platforms for individuals to come together to celebrate cannabis legalization and community on April 20th.


      The Best 420 Events in Arizona

      Arizona legalized recreational cannabis use in November of 2020 and has since become one of the country's most exciting cannabis markets. The state's progressive stance on legalization has led to significant tax revenue and has also prioritized social equity initiatives. Arizona is hosting some of the most exciting and diverse cannabis events on April 20th this year from car shows to concerts to golf days.

      • 2nd Annual Arizona Bud Fest: The 2nd Annual Arizona Bud Fest Cannabis Expo & Car Show, brought to you by Bud Fest LLC, is set to make a triumphant return to Arizona from April 19 to April 21, 2024. This thrilling three-day event promises a unique blend of consumption and entertainment, showcasing the latest in cannabis culture and innovation. With a diverse array of vendors offering various products, the expo aims to raise awareness about the use of medical and recreational marijuana, as well as CBD products. Attendees can expect an immersive experience that celebrates the rapidly evolving landscape of the cannabis industry in Arizona.

      • Buds-A-Palooza: Billed as the "dopest 420 block party in Arizona", this event takes place in downtown Phoenix from April 19th until April 20th so you can count down the biggest day of the year with some buds. This event will feature musical acts including The Hip Abduction, Shwayze, Kash’d Out, Eli-Mac & Herb N’ Life. There will be comedy, stoner movies, glassblowing, a "munchie mall" and a vendor village.
      • Afroman at Arizona Golf Resort: On April 20th in Mesa, Arizona, music enthusiasts are in for a treat as Afroman takes center stage for a unique concert experience on a cannabis-friendly golf course. Accompanied by local artists and DJs, attendees can expect a diverse and vibrant musical lineup. With a VIP meet & greet, tantalizing food options, complimentary giveaways, and engaging games, this event promises an unforgettable celebration of music and community. Hosted by The Green Keepers, which is an Arizona-based tourism company dedicated to offering Cannabis-Infused Golf Experiences.

      These events showcase Arizona's evolving cannabis scene and provide opportunities for individuals to come together to commemorate 4/20 while advocating for cannabis legalization and education.


      Celebrate 420 with STIIIZY

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       In past years, we've launched a number of groundbreaking campaigns, events and products to help celebrate the big day. In 2022, we collaborated with Pizza Hut in the SoCal region to allow our supporters to get a free medium cheese or pepperoni pizza to bring home with all of their STIIIZY products - you got to have something to satisfy those munchies. Alongside the celebration, we launched a one-time 420 Kit release which included an original engraved battery, ceramic can pipe, XL blunt wraps, rolling papers, grinder, lighter, and a bluetooth cassette speaker. 

      Last year, we celebrated the special day with an exclusive new strain and product launch. White Cherry Gelato was a one-time vape drop that was introduced on April 20th of 2023. Inside of each package of White Cherry Gelato contained a scratch card that gave STIIIZY purchasers a chance to save on their favorite products online. 

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