STIIIZY gives back to the community in a big way with BLESSED by STIIIZY.

As the pandemic continues to double back during the holiday season, STIIIZY launches a new line called BLESSED in an effort to support and give back to the community on a larger, continuous scale — amplifying the long-term efforts and commitment the company has dedicated to organizations and causes since 2017.

BLESSED by STIIIZY (formally known as BLESSED by LIIIT) will be STIIIZY’s continuous commitment to the community that raised it. As part of the company's new charitable model, portions of the funds will be donated to causes and/or organizations that have been supported in the past such as: U.S. Military Veteran affairs, homelessness, social equity, the community at large or any current needs that arise. Each strain created exclusively under this line will be available at all STIIIZY retail locations as well as many verified retail stores across California. 

  • Why BLESSSED? Because doing something good has never been so easy!

All strains and products under BLESSED are promised to always be carefully curated and hand-selected with intent, so spend your money towards a product that will not only get you lifted, but that will also make a difference in someone’s life. All strains will be exclusive to this line, the very first having been Animal Face: an indica strain that will give you a full mind and body high that sends you drifting into bliss.

  • Each new BLESSED strain is one that you will have to try for yourself.

STIIIZY is a leading cannabis brand founded in 2017 that consistently strives in providing consistent, high-quality products while also practicing and supporting efforts that will positively impact the community. 

To find out more information on STIIIZY’s past community efforts, click here.