Our STIIIZY Pomona location is making a positive impact by dedicating a portion of sales from our dispensary to uplift schools and parks within the community. Together, we're healing from the War on Drugs and collaborating with incredible organizations for a brighter future!

Over the past few decades, Pomona has experienced disproportionate rates of incarceration due to drug-related offenses. According to data, the city's incarceration rate for drug offenses was significantly higher than the national average, leading to a cycle of social and economic disenfranchisement.

This has particularly affected communities of color, as Black and Latino residents have been disproportionately targeted and affected by these policies.

The war on drugs has also strained community resources, diverting valuable funding away from essential services like education and parks. As a result, Pomona's schools have faced challenges and many parks have fallen into disrepair due to limited investment.

The operating license agreement made in cooperation with the City of Pomona sets aside a certain percentage of our sales that specifically goes towards improving schools and parks within 0.5 mile radius of our STIIIZY Pomona location. This is a timely response to mitigate these effects, providing a much-needed opportunity for healing and revitalization within the community.

It’s a tremendous honor and privilege to come back to Pomona and demonstrate the positive power of cannabis by directing resources to impacted communities to help them heal from the devastation done by the War on Drugs.


Last year when we did this it was a relatively modest gathering of a few key members of our company, union leaders, the mayor, and we shared a few words and took a walk around the park.

This year our casual ceremony included the same folks, but this time around we were flanked by the numerous community organizations that STIIIZY Joint Efforts has worked with on various service projects from neighborhood clean-ups to resource and food distribution.

Representatives from SoCal Service Corps, Project Hope, IndigeKnowledge, Pomona Connect, and the Self-Care Lab all were invited to join us in this celebration!

This is truly a collaborative community effort, and that’s exactly what the healing process should look like. Old friends and new, supporters and collaborators, city officials and activists coming together to improve their hometown. It’s awesome to be able to offer our customers the satisfaction of knowing that some of the money they spend with us goes towards improving their own backyard.