STIIIZY: #1 Cannabis Brand in California by Volume

Months leading to this exclusive interview with Cannacribs, our partner and head of cultivation Sean Oganesyan stressed the importance of how crucial and vital it is for our brand STIIIZY to be represented on such a respected and accessible platform for cannabis education. As a business we strive to innovate our brand message and ethos to the consumer, and being a part of Cannacribs' platform was no different. Cannacribs was one of the reasons we were finally able to open our doors to the masterminds behind our cultivation and the inside look at our headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Bringing light to the importance of how we as a company give life to the plant that we all enjoy, we are proud to take the seat of the #1 cannabis brand in the state of California by volume. STIIIZY dug deep into our processes and teams, starting from the fundamentals of tissue culture to trimming to manufacturing to retail, and held extensive interviews with our highly skilled team on operations. We are proud to continue to change and lead by example in the cannabis industry as we strive for greater innovation and forward movement ahead.
For more information on Cannacribs and the amazing things they are doing for the cannabis community, visit their website below!