Earth Day at the LA River with STIIIZY x LA Waterkeepers


 At STIIIZY, concrete to coastal community matters. It’s why we’re committed to serving individuals and organizations like environmental watchdog, LA Waterkeepers, who hosted a community clean up in the Los Angeles neighborhood Atwater Village, located along the banks of the LA River this Earth Day.

Through STIIIZY’s “Joint Efforts” volunteer and give-back program, employee volunteers spent the day engaged in a three-part effort to pick up pollutants along the trail, create DIY wildflower seed bombs and participate in a guided nature walk and water sampling test of the LA River.



Since its founding 50 years ago, LA Waterkeepers continues to drive impactful environmental change in Los Angeles through science, litigation and community organizing.

“The most socioeconomically vulnerable communities suffer the most from environmental degradation and pollution. That’s why STIIIZY Joint Efforts is enthusiastic to support organizations that prioritize these communities and help fight for their rights. Humans and plants alike require safe access to clean water to thrive. We’re thankful we can play a small part in supporting big projects like this,” explained DeRon Waller, Director of Social Impact at STIIIZY.

The impact speaks for itself with over 180 volunteers coming out to support the Earth Day action.

“STIIIZY prides itself on being an innovative and influential leader in cannabis, so it was only natural for us to partner with an equally innovative environmental watchdog, LA Waterkeepers, for Earth Day. Community matters to each of us, deeply, and in immeasurable ways,” said Waller, who steadily continues to build the largest cannabis operator-led volunteer group in the nation.

Check out how this project supports climate change mitigation and promotes environmental advocacy efforts around the globe, reported by Univison reporter Romi De Frias.

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