A green nug of cannabis flower from the Gelato strain bears bright orange hairs.


You can’t talk about popular weed strains without mentioning Gelato. Since its birth in 2014, not only has Gelato blown up into a household name amongst stoners, it has also been used as the backbone for many modern variants that fall under the dessert weed category. 

Here are some things you should know about the famous indica-dominant hybrid.

A cannabis flower nug from the Gelato strain sits up straight against a black background.


The Gelato strain profile

Gelato, a predominantly indica weed strain, is a product of crossing Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It was bred by legendary breeders Mario Guzman, better known as  Mr. Sherbinskis (creator of Sunset Sherbert), and Jai Chang, better known as Jigga. These two breeders are original members of the Bay Area’s famous Cookie Family. 

Gelato’s flowers carry dark purple hues with long orange hairs and a thick coat of milky white trichomes. The high trichome density contributes to how flavorful and potent this strain can be. That’s because the cannabinoids and terpenes, amongst other molecules, live inside the trichome oils. The more trichomes on a cannabis flower, the better its quality. 

An 40's infused pre-roll with cannabis flower from the Gelato strain lies in front of its green-capped jar.
The Gelato strain sold in one of STIIIZY's infused pre-rolls. Puff, puff pass.

What are the Gelato phenotypes? 

There are multiple versions of Gelato, called phenotypes, each with its own unique characteristics. Phenotypes are best described as cannabis plants that have the same lineage (in this case, Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC), but still express different attributes in their appearance, smell, taste, and effects. Think of it as the weed version of a litter of kittens having the same parents, but different fur patterns and personalities. 

Gelato has several different phenotypes, and each one has particular attributes that make it unique enough to deserve its own name. You’ve got Gelato #25, aka Barry Bonds: Gelato #33, aka Larry Bird; Gelato #41 aka Bacio Gelato; Gelato #43, aka Gello Gelato; Gelato #47, aka Mochi Gelato; and Gelato #49, aka Acai Berry Gelato. All of them are popular choices for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a specific type of high.

A group of infused blunts with cannabis flower from the Gelato strain, lie in front of their green-capped jar.

STIIIZY's infused blunts + Gelato strain = more flavor and potency.

How does Gelato smell and taste? 

Gelato can smell and taste a few different ways, depending on the phenotype, who grew it, and how. Generally speaking, Gelato tastes like a mix of earthy, sweet, and gassy flavors. Its predominant terpenes are caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene.  

Caryophyllene is what gives Gelato its peppery kick, and aside from black pepper, the terpene is also found in cloves and cinnamon. Limonene, as the name suggests, is prevalent in citrus fruit like lemons. The hoppy, weedy, earthy, spicy flavors present in Gelato come from the humulene terpene.

This combination of dominant terpenes works in conjunction with the other compounds in the strain to produce the complete experience of smoking, dabbing, and/or vaping Gelato. 

Wee vape pods derived from the Gelato strain, are placed inside and outside of their white packaging.
Original THC pods with the Gelato strain offer a high level of purity.

Is Gelato a body high or head high? 

Gelato can feel like both a head high and body high, depending on who smokes it. Since we each have a unique endocannabinoid system, we all process cannabis compounds differently.

That said, you may likely hear people reporting that Gelato makes them feel relaxed, happy, and uplifted. In fact, Gelato is also well-known for being a physically relaxing cannabis strain. It starts in the head, just right behind the eyes, before failing off into a deep relaxation that can be felt from head to toe.   

Though potently relaxing, Gelato isn’t expected to be a sleepy, couch-locking type of strain. Instead, you’ll just want to kick back with a smile on your face as the stresses of the day disappear gradually. 

When purchasing Gelato, or any strain for that matter, make sure to only buy it from high-quality brands that put great weed into their jars and bags. That will ensure that you get the proper experience that its breeders intended. 

A disposable weed pen with distillate derived from the Gelato strain stands next to its black box.
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