Our STIIIZY Joint Efforts volunteers partnered with Humble Design, a nonprofit in San Diego that works to ensure families emerging from homelessness and transitioning to permanent housing can live both comfortably and with the dignity they deserve. As part of an ongoing partnership with the nonprofit, STIIIZY has been able to help Humble Design by getting their client Frederick moved into a new space and providing him with the essentials that make a space a home. Our crew of Joint Efforts volunteers mobilized in San Diego to support with cleaning, organizing, moving new furniture into the home, and even helped hang a few pieces of art to decorate!
Frederick was in foster care at a young age, moving from different families and group homes with little to no stability or support, and was imprisoned twice before the age of 18. These traumas triggered mental health challenges including PTSD that made it difficult for him to function, leading to him living out of his car. Thankfully, Frederick now has a space to call a home, a space to help him heal and stabilize his life. In particular, he hopes his new home will help in his effort to gain custody of his 2-year-old daughter Lydia who is currently in the foster care system.

We find it deeply rewarding to support efforts to stop the revolving door of the unhoused crisis and are grateful to Humble Design for allowing us to help create a home for Frederick where we hope he can live with dignity and peace.

We highly recommend heading over to Humble Design to learn more about how you can donate or volunteer; or find an organization near you where you can lend a helping hand.