STIIIZY Solventless Pods: How to Maximize Your Experience

STIIIZY just launched new solventless live rosin pods which is a game changer in the cannabis market. As more consumers are seeking full spectrum terpene cannabis products, STIIIZY has dropped your favorite strains as solventless options.
Due to the complexity of how solventless live rosin cannabis products are extracted, we have created a step by step process to show you how to successfully maximize your solventless live rosin pod experience.

STEP 1: Low Temperature Is Your Friend!

We recommend using our regular STIIIZY Battery to maintain the taste of the terpenes. STIIIZY BIIIG Batteries will run too hot for the solventless pod. Preserve the taste and enjoy the burst of flavors with each exhale.

STEP 2: Gently Inhale For 2-3 Seconds

We get it. You're a natural born #blinker like so many of us. You may be tempted to just rip the pod like you would with any other STIIIZY pod. Our solventless live rosin pods do require a little bit more care to enjoy. Besides, wouldn't you rather enjoy your solventless experience and all the flavors these pods have to offer? Because solventless isn't extracted using solvents, the delicacy and complexity with these pods require gentle pulls. We highly recommend taking 2-3 second tokes!

STEP 3: Cool-down Time

If the pod has any burning taste after use, please allow the pod a chance to cool down for at least 5-10 minutes before the next inhale. If you'd like to accelerate the cool down process, remove the pod and take dry hits. We recommend 5-10 dry hits off the regular battery. Insert the pod back in the regular batter to see if the taste is good to go. If it's not, repeat the process.
Solventless Live Rosin is a delicacy within the cannabis market, and we want to be able to share that with you in a way that will optimize your solventless experience! Enjoy the natural terpene taste of the high potency plants we've extracted from and enjoy the ride.