Lady Led's Haunted Houze: Where Ghouls, Giggles and Ganja Collide!

Lady Led Event

Hey, Vegas Vamps and Goblins! This Halloween, Lady Led and STIIIZY conjured up a cauldron of thrills at the Nightmare Cafe, turning it into the most enchanting Haunted Houze in the city of sin! It was a night where the cannabis community's leading ladies and specters met to network, nibble on horror-inspired treats, and revel in the spooktacular vibes.

Lady Led's mission? To light up the path for women in the cannabis industry, creating a bewitching space for connection and empowerment. And what better way to do it than pairing up with the wizards of weed at STIIIZY for a night of frights and delights!

The Nightmare Cafe was transformed into a ghostly gathering that would make even the Headless Horseman halt in awe. With every corner cloaked in cobwebs and creepiness, the Haunted Houze was alive with spooky season energy.

STIIIZY's spellbinding sample bar was the potion master's station, brewing up pre-roll treats that had everyone floating higher than a witch on a broomstick. The giveaway station was no less magical, with raffle tickets swirling into the cauldron for an exclusive Halloween prize that promised to be all treat, no trick!

Snap a selfie with a specter? You bet! Our photobooth was a hit, with custom frames designed just for this eerie event. Ghouls and guests struck a pose, immortalizing their costumes in the spirit of the haunted holiday.

Lady Led Photoshoot

But the phantom fun didn't end there! Lady Led's "hunt for ghostz" activation had everyone channeling their inner Ghostbuster, where participants searched for hidden ghosts throughout the cafe to win dispensary gift cards.

And let's not forget the photoshoot corner, where STIIIZY held all the vibes. It was a place to smoke, strike a pose, and share your spookiest and kookiest costumes. The air was filled with laughter, the scent of cannabis, and the spirit of Halloween camaraderie.

The Haunted Houze was more than just an event; it was a celebration of the Halloween spirit, cannabis culture, and the enchanting energy of empowered women.

So, if you missed this spectral soirée, fear not. Lady Led and STIIIZY are just getting started. Keep your eyes peeled, your brooms ready, and your stash stocked. Who knows where we'll pop up next, but one thing's for sure – it'll be absolutely supernatural!