Need a Hemp Wrap? Check it out.

Blunts have always been an excellent way to smoke cannabis flower. They’re cheap, get you super blitzed, and come with plenty of options for every type of consumer. As humans become more health conscious, many consumers have moved towards hemp blunts in replacement of the traditional tobacco wraps you buy at the station.

It leaves many blunt smokers wondering which hemp wraps are the best for blunts? Here we’ll discuss why people love hemp wraps, and which are great options for twisting up an infused blunt at the crib.

What are hemp blunts?

Hemp blunts are exactly that: blunts rolled with wraps that are made of hemp. Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa plant, so smoking hemp blunts is like smoking weed inside of weed.

Hemp is defined by the government as any cannabis that has less than 0.3% THC. It is grown specifically for industrial or medicinal use. Hemp was legalized on a federal level in 2018 thanks to the Farm Bill 2018.

Hemp wraps can be made from thin paper sheets rolled in hemp, or made from organic hemp fibers that have been mashed into a pulp then rolled into thin hemp wrap sheets. From there, some producers also infused the wraps with scents and flavors for an added bit of taste in your blunt rolls.

Why are hemp blunts good for infused blunts?

In general, hemp blunts are really good for multiple reasons (mostly health-based).

#1 - Hemp is healthier than tobacco

Traditional blunts are rolled with wraps made from tobacco leaves, so they contain nicotine. This makes tobacco blunts more harmful than hemp, simply because tobacco has a lot of negative side effects. Those side effects include a harsh smoking experience, and a variety of health defects that you probably want to stay away from.

Tobacco wraps also may have a high amount of contaminants like nicotine, heavy metals, carbon monoxide, while organic hemp wraps do not.

#2 - Hemp wraps have a lighter taste than tobacco wraps

When you smoke a tobacco blunt, you’re definitely going to taste it. It will mask the taste of your weed a bit, and end up distorting the experience, even if the nicotine content does add a “higher high” than hemp wraps. Without all the chemicals in tobacco wraps, hemp wraps tend to have a lighter taste.

#3 - Many good hemp wrap brands exist

Each day, there are many different hemp wrap brands popping up to keep up with consumer demand. It allows each type of smoker to find a brand they love without feeling forced to choose one they don’t, just to experience all the benefits of rolling with hemp instead of tobacco.

#4 - Cannabis companies can’t use tobacco wraps

Lastly, hemp wraps are good for infused blunts because cannabis companies can legally use them. Cannabis companies are not able to sell you pre-rolled blunts in tobacco wraps, or any sort of tobacco products whatsoever.

The best hemp blunts for infused blunts

Infused blunts are blunts that add concentrates to the flower for a more potent experience. There are many great hemp blunt wraps. Here are a few that have great reputations.

#1 - High Hemp wraps

High Hemp boasts themselves as one of the first all-organic hemp wrap companies who provide a cleaner, more natural smoke. Their wraps have no nicotine, tobacco, GMOs, or harmful chemicals, and are often preferred by hemp blunt smokers.

The 2-pack of wraps comes with a couple of filters and are easy to roll, Plus, for the folks that want to roll infused blunts with added flavor, High Hemp has fourteen of them, including Maui Mango, GrapeApe, and HoneyPot Swirl. For those that want unflavored wraps, the Organic will be your champion.

#2 - Twisted Hemp wraps

Twisted Hemp’s are another great option for blunt smokers that want to leave tobacco wraps in the rearview. They are all-natural, 100% organic, and come with four blunt wraps versus the usual two in most packages.

Twisted Hemp’s Plain Jane wraps are unflavored and the optimal choice for people that just want to taste their weed without interference. However, if you want other flavors, their wraps come in Grape Burst, Tropical Breeze, and California Dream flavors, just to name a few.

#3 - King Palm tubes and wraps

You might not find a bigger selection of products for hemp blunts than King Palm’s offerings. They are touted as slow burning with no additives, glue, or tobacco. Their Tubes (the product they are most famous for) come in capacities ranging from 0.5 grams all the way up to 5 grams, so no matter how much weed and concentrates you like to stuff into your infused blunts, King Palm definitely has a product to accommodate you.

King Palm products are made from all-natural palm leaves, but they also have flavored hemp wraps, if that's the route you’d like to take.

#4 - Juicy Jays hemp wraps

Juicy Jays are another brand of hemp wraps that make great for rolling infused blunts. They are tobacco-free, made of pure hemp, burn slowly, roll easily, and come in two packs of six flavors: Black ‘N Blueberry, Mango Papaya, Natural (unflavored), Tropical Passion, Strawberry Fields, and Grapes Gone Wild.

#5 - Kingpin hemp wraps

For my folks that love the multipacks that come with more than two wraps, Kingpin Hemp Wraps come with four all-natural hemp blunt wraps. They are one of the easiest wraps of the whole list to roll, even for novices that haven’t perfected their roll-up abilities.

Like the other wraps above, the Kingpins come in various flavors including: Blueberry Bomb, Goomba Grape, Spanish Fly, Laid Back, Original G, and Mango Tango.