STIIIZY at Hall of Flowers Palm Springs!

STIIIZY’s presence at the 2022 Hall of Flowers in Palm Springs was a memorable experience for both cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Bringing in the cultural experience and combination of weed and leisure to the event, STIIIZY has placed your favorite throwback arcade classics such as Pacman and Galaga in the booth for all to enjoy while browsing our latest selection of products. Orange Sunset, a long awaited sativa OG pod, recently launched in all four states and was also introduced at Hall of Flowers this year. As we approach the coming days of the next Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa, there is much more to come. As STIIIZY continues to innovate and inspire the cannabis industry with new and fresh drops, we are proud to say that the next Hall of Flowers experience will continuously be memorable. Next stop: Santa Rosa. We’ll see you in October!