STIIIZY Corona Grand Opening: A Weekend to Remember!

Hey STIIIZY fam!

This past weekend, we threw open the doors of our newest location in Corona, and oh boy, was it a weekend to remember! A huge shout-out to all the amazing people who joined us – your energy and enthusiasm made it an unforgettable experience.

The anticipation was crazy – folks started lining up before sunrise, waiting to be the first to experience STIIIZY Corona. And believe us, it was worth the wait!

As the sun rose, the line grew, and by 10am, we'd welcomed over 700+ incredible fans, each leaving with big smiles and their hands full of STIIIZY goodness. The energy? Pure STIIIZY vibes!

Now, let’s talk giveaways – because we went all out! The first 150 consumers snagged a free bong, and the top ten even got special goodie bags loaded with a bong bag, a hoodie, a hat, and other awesome STIIIZY merch. Everyone who came through our doors left with something special – from STIIIZY 3.5g Black Mylar to cool T-shirts.

Our spending tiers were a hit, too! Customers who spent $100 got to pick from Smokers, Dab, or Vape Bundles – talk about choices! And those who went all in with $200 got even more, like skate decks and bongs. The excitement over snagging a bong was real, folks!

But that's not all. The day was filled with more than just great deals. We had a henna artist, a caricature artist, and a DJ pumping out tunes that kept the vibe lively. The basketball hoop and wheel of fortune were a blast, and the food trucks from CAM, BLEM, and Punch extracts – serving up mini pancakes, donuts, terp slerp, and boba – kept everyone fueled up and ready to enjoy the day.

Our vendors even added another layer of fun, with Brand Ambassadors mingling and sharing the love with everyone in line. It was amazing to see our community come together like this – sharing laughs and good times to keep the line going.

As the day wrapped up, we couldn't help but feel grateful for such an incredible turnout. Each interaction, each face that walked through those doors, was a reminder of why we do what we do. STIIIZY isn't just a brand; it's a community, a family. And this weekend was just a sample to that spirit.

If you missed out on this one, don't worry – there's always more STIIIZY events on the horizon. Keep an eye out for our next grand opening, and remember to join us for a chance to be part of something special. Until then, stay lit, stay happy, and most importantly, stay STIIIZY!

Much love,

The STIIIZY Team 🚀🖤