STIIIZY kicks off its partnership with The NDICA (National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance) with two community service events in Los Angeles and Chicago.




The National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (acronym “The NDICA”) works tirelessly to create more equitable employment and ownership opportunities in the hemp and cannabis space. They are a diverse and passionate team who work to design and promote programs that decrease the disparities in life outcomes for people from marginalized communities affected by the War on Drugs.

Among the many community resources that they provide are cannabis education, employment information, access to food for those who need it most. Based in Los Angeles, but with operations in Illinois, it seemed like a natural fit for STIIIZY, because we can completely relate.

“If we’re on the shelves, then we’re in the streets.” We take that motto to heart, and we began our partnership by co-sponsoring a food distribution event in South LA last February. A magnificent seven of STIIIZY "Joint Efforts” volunteers left headquarters on a Tuesday afternoon and caravanned to the NDICA’s Los Angeles office. A large moving truck arrived soon thereafter, full of food products, from grocers like Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

Working alongside NDICA employees and other volunteers, we transformed the back lot of the NDICA’s office space into a pop-up grocery store. Dozens and dozens of local families came through to receive fresh fruits and vegetables, meat provisions, baked and canned goods. Over 200 people were served during the afternoon-long food distribution. Smiles were also distributed as well!

Bookending the kickoff of our partnership was co-sponsoring an expungement clinic/employment fair in the City of Chicago. Despite legalization, having a cannabis offense on one’s record can be a significant roadblock to getting a job, and starting a career. NDICA works with local attorneys throughout the country to expunge low-level cannabis offenses for those eligible. STIIIZY recognizes the importance of this legal and social justice matter and partnered with the NDICA by co-sponsoring the event.

When the STIIIZY Social Impact Team arrived at the DISCOVER Communications Center, we found that the company dedicated a separate space for community gatherings. In this spacious, modern environment, local Chicagoans could find numerous opportunities for work in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. About 20 organizations ranging from the armed services, water conservation, to school bus driving were looking for qualified applicants to fill their roles. Several people stopped by the NDICA table to inquire about expungement and signed-up to receive free legal services. Locals were so excited to know that STIIIZY products are now available for sale in Illinois and that we support organizations like the NDICA.

Working alongside the staff at the NDICA has been extremely rewarding for our employees and the people we have been able to serve in LA and The Chi. STIIIZY loves the NDICA and we are excited to work together going forward.