STIIIZY Opens 31st Cannabis Dispensary In El Cerrito

Hey there, STIIIZY family! Boy, have we got some exciting news for you! On June 3rd, we swung open the doors of our newest home, our 31st weed dispensary, right here in El Cerrito, CA. We're absolutely thrilled to be planting our roots in this vibrant community, bringing the true STIIIZY experience closer to you! Our El Cerrito location is stocked to the rafters with our signature, top-notch cannabis products, catering to all your recreational and medicinal needs. Just like all of our STIIIZY stores, this new weed dispensary in El Cerrito is all about safety, compliance, and that unique STIIIZY customer experience you love. We ensure that all our products meet the highest quality standards – no compromise, ever!

 Recapping The Grand Opening

Our latest weed dispensary in El Cerrito made its debut in style with jaw-dropping deals and giveaways that had the Bay Area community stoked!

Let's kick it off with our first 100 customers who bagged an exclusive STIIIZY bong. How's that for a welcoming gift? And the first 300? They've got themselves a sleek STIIIZY Grand Opening T-shirt to flaunt around town.

The excitement didn't stop there, folks! For the first 1000 customers, it was Christmas in June with STIIIZY Black 3.5g Flower being gifted EVERY HOUR for just one penny. The queue was buzzing with anticipation and the payoff was simply amazing (and worth the wait)! And you know we love spoiling our family, right? So, we slashed off 30% from all STIIIZY branded products, ALL DAY! Vapes, flower, edibles—you name it, we discounted it! Additionally, our 30% off menu had some of our favorite partner brands: Camino, Pure Beauty, CLSICS, and Traditional. Each brand was flying off the shelves, while stocks lasted.

And, wait for it... we introduced an incredible $5 menu. Quality products from Pacific Stone, Pacific Reserve, Farmer & The Felon, Glass House Farms, Dime Bag, Grizzly Peak, Gold Flora, and West Coast Trading Co. - all up for grabs at just five bucks! This was our way of ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their budget, got a piece of the STIIIZY experience. Lastly, every paying customer got a golden ticket into our raffle to win a next-gen gaming console. How's that for a game changer? 

Our El Cerrito grand opening was more than just a new store launch. It was a full-blown celebration of our amazing STIIIZY family. We made sure every person who walked in left with not just top-notch cannabis products, but also unforgettable memories from this landmark event. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore the world of weed like never before at our latest STIIIZY weed dispensary in El Cerrito! Catch you there soon!

Exploring El Cerrito: STIIIZY Hype Video

 In Store Photos