STIIIZY Supports Pleasant Hill Festival

 STIIIZY gives back to local communities through sponsorship of the 2023 Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce Art, Wine, & Music Festival

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Located just ten minutes away from STIIIZY – Pacheco, is the city of Pleasant Hill. In recent years, the Pleasant Hill Art, Wine, and Music Festival has become a cherished event, attracting locals and visitors alike.

The Chamber of Commerce reached out to us in hopes that we would sponsor the event, and we said “Yes!” The timing couldn’t have worked out any better: supporting the communities located near our stores is necessary, and it just so happened that our Compassionate Care event was taking place that same weekend in Pacheco. 

Over the years, the Pleasant Hill Art, Wine, and Music Festival has seen remarkable growth in popularity. What began as a small-scale event has transformed into a highly anticipated annual festival, where local artists, wine & beer producers, and musicians come together with a vision to highlight the city's cultural richness.

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The City of Pleasant Hill gave us a terrific location for this two-day event. Our STIIIZY booth was near the main stage and being so close to the music allowed us to interact with thousands of people. Our role in the festival was to educate the attendees about the presence of STIIIZY – Pacheco and answer questions about the STIIIZY brand. Fortunately, most people who came to the booth were already familiar with our brand and the products. Adult attendees got a chance to spin the STIIIZY wheel for a merchandise giveaway and to enter their name into our raffle for a skateboard deck.

Throughout the weekend, our team of eight STIIIZY volunteers rotated shifts working our booth and mingling with the crowd at the festival. In addition to the many STIIIZY fans we encountered, we also met the Mayor of Pleasant Hill, Tim Flaherty, and many other local artisans, businesses, and residents. We began to run out of merchandise to give away, right as the festival began to wind down on Sunday evening. That was great because we didn’t have to take too much stuff back to STIIIZY – Pacheco after the event. 

The Pleasant Hill Art, Wine, and Music Festival has become a vehicle for community engagement and interaction. The festival offers a space where residents and visitors can connect, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. It serves as a meeting point for individuals of diverse backgrounds, ages, and interests to come together and appreciate the city's cultural vibrancy.

Thanks again to Mayor Flaherty, the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce, and the residents of the Pacheco/Pleasant Hill area. Everyone treated us so very well during the festival. We are proud to be members of the local community, and we look forward to coming back in future years!