STIIIZY x Altius Dispensary - Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup Event

Hey, eco-warriors and green-thumbed buddies! 🌱✨ It's time to roll up those sleeves because Altius Dispensary and STIIIZY just took to the streets, or should we say, the highway, for a cleanup event on October 25th.

The Altius crew and three STIIIZY superheroes – Alex Rocha, Xavi Vazquez, and Danni from the frontlines – donned their capes (okay, maybe just cool STIIIZY tees) and hit the highway stretch that's been calling out for a little love and attention.

Armed with cleanup kits and those trusty trash bags, we dove into the trenches. It wasn't just about picking up litter; it was a mission to beautify our shared space, one discarded wrapper at a time. And guess what? The community spirit was infectious!


The goal? Leave no bottle unturned, no snack wrapper flying. And the result? A whopping collection of over 10 bags of trash! That's right, with laughter and determination, we turned trash into treasure – the treasure of a cleaner, happier highway.

So, when you drive down that stretch of highway next time, take a moment to appreciate the view. It's not just any road; it's a piece of our planet that we've claimed responsibility for, and we're keeping it spick and span.

Cleanup Crew Working

Big props to Altius Dispensary for spearheading this initiative and to our very own STIIIZY squad for bringing the muscle and the heart. This is just the beginning, folks. We're in it for the long haul – for our community, for our planet, for the love of clean!

Stay tuned for the next cleanup call – we might just need your hands on deck. Until then, keep it clean, keep it green, and as always, keep it STIIIZY!