As we approach another exciting year, we're thrilled to share that STIIIZY was able to make a significant impact at the 2024 Hall of Flowers event. This isn't just another event for us; it's a chance to showcase our commitment to innovation, culture, and the cannabis community.

The Hall of Flowers, renowned as the heartbeat of the cannabis industry, hosts premier B2B trade shows in California and Canada, spotlighting the latest trends and products in our ever-evolving industry.

The Event: A Gathering of Cannabis Pioneers

The Hall of Flowers is more than just a trade show; it's a curated experience that brings together the most respected buyers and retailers from around the globe. This year, the event promises to elevate this experience further, focusing on aesthetics and creating a space where brands and retailers can truly connect.

It's about fostering genuine relationships and presenting our products in an environment that resonates with both the heart and the mind. The unique opportunity for on-site consumption and sampling is something we're particularly excited about, offering us a platform to introduce our latest innovations directly to the people who shape our industry.


We couldn't have been more excited about our experience at HOF this year at Ventura County Fairgrounds: A Cannabis Gathering Hub! Getting a chance to showcase some of our best and some of our new STIIIZY products with all the attendees.



Key Moments and Our Contribution

Excitement filled the air at the Ventura County Fairgrounds during Hall of Flowers 2024. Attendees indulged in immersive photo opportunities, reveling in our lively Photo Booth adorned with vibrant graphics and oversized STIIIZY product cutouts, creating perfect moments for capturing memories.

At STIIIZY, we made a significant impact with our prominent booth, A200, strategically positioned near the entrance. Our engaging displays and VIP swag bags left a lasting impression, showcasing our commitment to enhancing the attendee experience.

Engagement and Atmosphere

The event buzzed with activity as industry players and enthusiasts explored the latest offerings. Our booth stood as a beacon, drawing in crowds with dynamic presentations and innovative products.

The launch of LRLD sparked considerable interest, captivating both loyal customers and newcomers with its energy and distinctive aesthetic.

Notable Attractions

In addition to cannabis-centric highlights, attendees enjoyed novel attractions such as a charming Choo Choo train, providing a delightful way to navigate the venue's expanse.

In summary, Hall of Flowers 2024 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds was a vibrant celebration of cannabis culture, with STIIIZY at the forefront, enriching the event with our unique contributions and unwavering dedication to elevating the cannabis experience.

Reflecting on Our Past: Hall of Flowers Highlights

Our journey with the Hall of Flowers has been filled with memorable milestones:

    • 2023: We captivated attendees with the launch of our All-In-One 1G THC Pen and an immersive museum experience, solidifying our place as leaders in the cannabis space.
    • 2022: Our booth was a blend of culture and leisure, featuring beloved arcade classics alongside the launch of our Orange Sunset sativa OG pod, showcasing our ability to merge nostalgia with cutting-edge innovation.
    • 2019: We debuted the BIIIG STIIIZY, enhancing our original battery to offer a more powerful experience, marking our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Reflecting on HOF: Our Commitment to Cannabis Advancement

As we look back on the 2024 Hall of Flowers, our focus remains steadfast. This event served not only as a platform for attendance but as a testament to our dedication to propelling the cannabis industry forward. Our mission centered on delivering unmatched quality, fostering innovation, and strengthening our bonds within the community. Engaging with industry professionals, unveiling our latest offerings, and outlining our strategic direction were among our key objectives.

The Hall of Flowers stands as a pivotal moment in the industry's journey of growth and potential. At STIIIZY, we stand ready to contribute to and lead this ongoing evolution, ensuring a future where excellence and progress go hand in hand.