High Times and NuWu Cannabis Marketplace partnered up to bring Biz Bash, Las Vegas Cannabis Cup to Las Vegas, Nevada in December 2019 where STIIIZY held a booth to showcase products and more.

STIIIZY attended the event with a booth for attendees to test strains and take photos to remember the event with our custom photo booth while being able to take home T-shirts, batteries and limited-edition shot glasses that were given out with every purchase made.

With the help of NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, this was the first time High Times held their famous, long-running competition and awards show in Las Vegas. NuWu is one of the largest recreational marijuana marketplace worldwide with nearly 16,000 square feet and 170 feet of display counters dedicated to recreational marijuana ( Because of this, High Times was able to host the four-day event at a greater capacity by celebrating the growers, processors and businesses that make the Nevada cannabis scene so great.

The four-day event featured not only multiple brands and businesses within the Nevada cannabis industry, but also local artists, food, music and more.