Live rosin products have been attracting a lot of attention in the world of cannabis concentrates. Considered one of the greatest artisanal delicacies in the industry, two important factors explain their deserved place in the spotlight:

  • The fact that live rosin concentrates are “live.”
  • They’re solventless.

Rosin and live rosin

These days, when dispensaries talk about rosin, they’re probably talking about live rosin, but not always. Technically, they’re not the same thing. One is standard rosin, and the other is live rosin. 

Both are solventless cannabis concentrates extracted by applying a precise amount of heat and pressure to cannabis buds. This is in contrast to cured and live resin products that rely on solvents like butane for their extraction.

So when solvents aren’t used, the “e” in resin becomes the “o” to make rosin. 

Standard rosin, if you still can find it, is made by applying that heat and pressure to a cured cannabis bud. 

But to extract live rosin, manufacturers use cannabis buds that are flash-frozen upon harvest. The frozen buds are then given an ice wash to make what’s known as bubble hash, which is then pressed to create live rosin.

Using flash-frozen flower allows extract artists to create a much richer end-product. 

What do we mean by “richer?” Well, when you have more cannabis compounds present, users get an enhanced all-around cannabis experience, known as the “entourage effect.”

That means a richer taste and flavor combined with the original plant’s full range—or as full as can be—of cannabinoids, including the psychoactive ones like THC, as well as the terpenes, the compounds that give each plant its signature aroma and flavor.

Curing, drying, applying pressure, and heating at precise temperatures, there are so many variables that influence the quality of a concentrate. Each aspect of the extraction process can retain or break the plant’s unique chemical structure. 

Extract artists find ways to preserve as much as possible of the plant’s original “essence,” so to speak. Using live plant material has turned out to be key. 

Now, while there’s nothing wrong with solvent-based concentrates like live resin (as long as the solvents are properly purged), it’s a relief to not even have to worry about them. That’s one of the beauties of live rosin and other solventless concentrates: they’re “purer.”

But also pricier. 

Whether or not live rosin products get you higher than live resin products is an ongoing debate. But rest assured, if you’re looking for that “entourage effect”, live rosin products are arguably the best cannabis concentrates to get the job done. 

Live rosin cannabis products

Cannabis products derived from live rosin offer potency and fragrance that satisfy even the most demanding of cannabis connoisseurs.  

While live rosin doesn’t entail the use of sophisticated extractor machines and closed-loop systems that require flammable solvents, it is an art form that should be left to the experts. 

It takes the highest quality cannabis strains and the most advanced level of craftsmanship to ensure the best live rosin products. Make sure you’re getting them from a proper dispensary.

Live rosin pods

Vaping live rosin oil in a pod brings together convenience, taste, and potency. As with any other cannabis concentrate consumed in a vape pod, users love the speed and discretion with which they can take their puffs.

You simply connect the pod to the battery or heating device and take a few puffs for 2-3 seconds at a low temperature. 

To ensure the full range of terpenes and cannabinoids, you need to vape with care. If the temperature isn’t right, you’ll get a muted flavor, as the cannabis compounds won’t be properly activated. 

If the temperature is too hot, you’ll get a burnt flavor, as many of the cannabis compounds will be lost to the excessive heat. 

So avoid back-to-back use by spacing out inhalations for a good 10-15 minutes to let the pod cool. Controlling the precise temperatures is key, which is what the best vape pens will allow you to do. 

Live rosin badder (or budder)

You say budder, I say badder, but it’s no matter—you’re getting something with a rich consistency resembling batter or butter. 

Extract artists cure and whip this extraction to obtain a more homogenous consistency. They don’t need to add or subtract any extra ingredients. Think of whipping up some eggs or cream to make them thicken. 

An important note: this concentrate isn’t for vaping. It’s for dabbing. Badder is much thicker than the oils used in pods.

Live rosin jam

A little bit thicker than badder, this live rosin concentrate also needs to be cured for the right amount of time and at the right temperatures to fully activate the plant’s natural terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Jam is made by heating the extracted rosin until the microcrystals of THCA separate from the terpene-enriched jam.

It’s as easy to work with as badder, and while the high it gives you is arguably not as strong as with badder, its aroma is much richer. 

In other words, jam might lack THC when compared to badder, but it makes up for it in terpenes. That said, you are unlikely to hear of anyone complaining about the potency in live rosin jams. 

As with badder, live rosin jam is dabbed.

Dabbing live rosin badder and live rosin jam

Most likely, you’ll be using one of those large bulky contraptions called dabbing rigs—although much more manageable devices are available, such as the puffco peak, which gives you better control over the temperatures.  

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to getting the richest cannabis experience out there, dabbing is the preferred manner of consumption. Vaping pods mainly give you the advantage of convenience and mobility. 

Many cannabis lovers will say that dabbing live rosin badder gives you a stronger more flavorful cannabis experience than a vaping pod ever could.

While dabbing rigs, even the more portable ones, aren’t good for puffing on the go, manufacturers have developed dabbing pens and other similar mobile devices to fill this need. 

Dabbing pens may begin to offer an alternative to vaping pods, but they don’t utilize a pod to house oil. Instead, as you would with a dabbing rig, you’d drop the concentrate directly into the heating element.

The reason why only certain types of concentrates (such as badder) are dabbed, is because they need to heat up at a higher temperature for the cannabis compounds to get fully activated. 

Like everything else with cannabis, every variable plays a role in the quality of the experience, from the strain to the extraction method and the level of heat used. 

How much do live rosin concentrates cost?

The same variety of factors that affect the quality of each product also determine the price:

  • The level of terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • The quality, rarity, and popularity of the flower strain used.
  • The brand and reputation of the growers and extractors.

How much are live rosin pods?

Price range: .5g $40-$50, 1g $55-$90.

How much do live rosin jam and live rosin badder cost?

Price range: $45 - $70

At STIIIZY, we only use premium flowers for all of our cannabis concentrates, including solventless pods, live rosin badder, live rosin jam, and much more. Explore all of STIIIZY’s products here.