Twas the Season of STIIIZYMAS:Cannabis Stocking Stuffers


The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the excitement of STIIIZYMAS – a time when the streets are abuzz spreading holiday cheer. The air is thick with the tantalizing aroma of Dankmas smoke, signaling the onset of festive celebrations and joyous savings.

This STIIIZYMAS, we're committed to making your holidays exceptionally festive and fun with a handpicked selection of the best cannabis--infused gift ideas for the cannabis connoisseur. They are not just gifts; they are tokens of joy that promise to elevate your holiday spirits...real high. Let's embark on this magical journey, but first, a special shoutout to our dear friends in California and Michigan – we've got some exclusive treats just for you!

Unwrap the Joy: STIIIZYMAS Deals for CA and MI

California's Holiday Special

CA Deal: Get ready to jingle with our festive Christmas deal! Between 12/13-12/25, πŸŽ„ Save a merry up to 30% on all STIIIZY products, perfect for warming up your winter nights. And that's just the start of your holiday cheer! Unwrap "Up to 30% off" on a sleigh-load of premium brands: Jeeter, CAM, LAX Packs, Camino, Lost Farms, Traditional, Americanna, Wyld, and Bear Labs. Deck your halls with the finest selections, all while keeping your wallet as full as your stocking. And while supplies last, all purchases will get a $0.01 STIIIZY mystery item. Don't let this holiday wonderland of savings pass you by. Spread the joy and elevate your festive celebrations! πŸŽ…πŸŒŸ All deals must be redeemed in store!Β 


Michigan's Festive Treats

MI Deal: πŸŽ„ 'Tis the Season for Unbeatable Savings! 🎁 This Christmas, treat yourself with up to 30% off on all STIIIZY Products. And there's more under the tree! Enjoy a special $5 off on all Deli Style 1/8ths. Featuring our exclusive buds, originally $25, now just $20, and our top shelf buds, initially $20, now only $15. And while supplies last, all purchases will get a $0.01 STIIIZY mystery item. Don't let this holiday wonderland sweetof savings pass you by. Spread the joy and elevate your festive celebrations! πŸŽ…πŸŒŸ All deals must be redeemed in store!


The Heartwarming History of Stocking Stuffers

The tradition of stocking stuffers traces back to the touching legend of Saint Nicholas, the inspiration behind Santa Claus. This tale tells of Saint Nicholas, known for his kindness, who discreetly dropped bags of gold down the chimney of a poor man, unable to provide dowries for his daughters. These bags miraculously landed in the daughters' stockings, which were hung by the fireplace to dry, laying the foundation for the custom of hanging stockings and filling them with small gifts.


Evolving over the centuries, this practice shifted from simple tokens to a variety of personalized presents, solidifying as a beloved aspect of Christmas festivities around the world. Stocking stuffers today symbolize a way to express joy and affection, capturing the essence of the holiday season's spirit of giving. What is a better way to elevate your holiday spirit with some perfect stoner stocking stuffers for those cannabis loving friends, who of course are old enough!

The Ultimate STIIIZY Stoner Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas



Pods and Batteries: A Sleek Surprise

Our pods and batteries are not just gifts; they're a statement of style and sophistication. Perfectly sized to fit into any any bag or stocking, these sleek and elegant items are ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Each pod and battery(sold separately) is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring a delightful experience for the receiver.

Our batteries come in two size but both still sleek, light and easy to slide into the stocking. With a wide array of colors, you can find the perfect color for anyone!

Our pods with multiple options in pod types and strains, there is something for everyone! From OG pods, Cannabis Derived Terpene pods, Live Resin pods and Solventless Live Rosin pods, there is not chance at not finding the perfect gift and don't worry if they don't already have a pod check out our disposables which gives the whole package and convenience.


Compact Extracts: The Gift of Choice

Our 1g extracts are a symphony of flavors and experiences, neatly packed into a compact size that's perfect for gifting. These little wonders are ideal for those who love variety and excitement in their cannabis journey, from live resin to live rosin and don't forget the diamonds. They fit seamlessly into stockings and boxes, waiting to surprise and delight.

Prerolls and Minis: Convenience Meets Celebration

Our prerolls and minis are the epitome of convenience and fun and what is better than a dankmas joint or joints. Easy to slide into stockings, they offer a hassle-free experience without compromising on the joy of cannabis. Whether you choose the standard size for a classic experience or the minis for a little extra fun, these are sure to be a hit. Our 40's infused prerolls and 40's infused blunts give the classic dankmas smoke ready for the go, and perfect for the walk around the block, before the festive feast.

Edibles: A Festive Flavor Fiesta

Move over, traditional holiday sweets! Our STIIIZY 100 MG edibles and 2:1 THC to CBN gummies are here to add a pop of color and a burst of flavor to your festive celebrations next to those candy canes. With a variety of flavors and colors, these marijuana treats are perfect for adding a contemporary twist to your holiday traditions. They are not just THC edibles or CBN gummies; they're a celebration of modern, infused cuisine and might just make your gingerbread houses a bit more fitting of the STIIIZYMAS season.

Mylar Bags: For the Extra Special Someone

For those who have an extra special friend out there, our mylar bags is a great gift for the weed lover. From the sleek and sophisticated black, grey, and white labels to the exciting and vibrant 40s infused mylar bags, these are designed to impress. Ideal for a special wake and bake on Christmas morning, they symbolize luxury and indulgence for the stoners and smoker bringing a smile to their face.


STIIIZY Merchandise: Something for Every Stoner

Our range of STIIIZY merchandise and accessories is a treasure trove idea of delights for any cannabis enthusiast. From practical items like lighters, lanyards, grinders, rolling papers, and trays, to stylish additions like beanies, hats there’s a perfect stocking stuffer gift for everyone, you might even be able to roll up one of our t-shirts. Each item is a testament to our commitment to quality and style, making them the perfect stocking stuffers for those who love the cannabis lifestyle.

Celebrate this STIIIZYMAS with our curated selection of cannabis stocking stuffers and don't forget to grab these exclusive deals. Let these gifts bring joy, warmth, and elevation to your holidays. Here's to a festive, fun, and elevated STIIIZYMAS and happy holidays! 🌲✨