A hash hole is being smoked, the live rosin extract in the middle, and shown from the front.


Cannabis products are constantly evolving to keep up with new trends and consumer fascination. Over the past couple of years, one growing interest from the market has been infused pre-rolls.

You’ve seen diamond-infused joints, live resin-infused joints, and live rosin-infused joints pop up all over dispensary shelves. One phenomenon that is bubbling in popularity, and quickly making its way over to mainstream cannabis culture is the hash hole.

Let’s discuss why hash holes joints are becoming so popular, and what you need to roll your own at home.

Three green-capped jars hold infused pre-rolls made with cannabis flower and extracts.
STIIIZY's infused pre-rolls made with premium cannabis flower and extracts have 40% THC.

What are hash holes?

The hash hole is a type of infused pre-roll.

Infused pre-rolls are joints (cones) made with a mixture of both cannabis flower and one or more concentrates. Sometimes they contain just one extract, like flower plus distillate; other times they contain more than one, like flower plus distillate plus kief. 

Three infused pre-rolls made with premium cannabis flower and extracts, stand or lie next to their jars with colorful caps.

STIIIZY's infused pre-rolls are coated with kief and contain live resin cannabis extract.

 Hash holes are pre-rolls with a worm of extracts in the middle of them. The worms, which are palm-rolled up into a thin sliver, make the joints burn with a hole in the middle of the flower. The goal of the hash hole is to not only increase potency but also mix the flavor of your flower with the flavor of a great-tasting oil.

Hash holes are also called donut holes, snake holes, and wormholes. 

A hash hole with a live rosin extract shaped like a worm is being smoked and shown from the front.
See the tip of the worm-shaped sliver of live rosin in the middle? That's what you see in a hash hole. Photo courtesy of Fidel's.

Which extracts make the best hash holes?

Hash holes were created and proliferated by Fidel's. They use high-quality six-star hash rosin in the middle of them. Therefore, the best concentrate for hash holes would be some sort of solventless rosin with huge terpy flavors. 

Which consistencies make the best hash holes?

The consistency of the concentrate refers to the texture of your extracts. You can have budders, sauces, jams, honey, diamond crystals, and the list of cannabis concentrates goes on.

For infused joints, you can use any of these and get that boost in the experience that comes from doubling up on products. However, with hash holes, the consistency does matter, if you want that hole to burn inside them.

Using a solid concentrate like a badder or budder that can be rolled up in your palm is the right answer.

A worm-shaped sliver of live rosin cannabis extract is being placed into a joint with weed to make a hash hole.
Courtesy of Fidel's. The live rosin extract being placed in the joint within all that cannabis flower to make a hash hole.

How to roll your own hash holes

If you can’t buy a hash hole (yet), you can also roll your own. To roll a proper hash hole, you need to buy some high-quality flower and live rosin. Then follow these simple steps.

The steps to rolling a hash hole:

     Step 1: Buy the right cannabis flower
     Step 2: Buy the right cannabis concentrate
     Step 3: Add flower
     Step 4: Add concentrate
     Step 5: Add more flower
     Step 6: Twist that infused joint
     Step 7: Smoke that hash hole

Step 1: Buy the right cannabis flower

Buying the best strains of weed is all about potency and flavor profiles. If you’re into grape terpenes, then a strain like Grape Sorbet would do you right. If you’re into fruity terpenes, a strain like White Raspberry would be excellent.

When choosing the right cannabis flower, pay attention to genetics and your previous experiences with them. Also, for these specific infused joints, buy an 8th, not just a gram, as you will use over a gram to roll a hash hole.

A thick nug of cannabis flower with purple hairs is showcased against a black background.

Step 2: Buy the right cannabis concentrate 

Buy concentrates from a good cannabis brand so you can get the best experience out of your hash holes. It will also be worth the money. For hash holes, a nice live rosin badder that’s been whipped to perfect is the right call.

Step 3: Add your cannabis flower

Lay out your (king size) joint paper flat, and add at least 2 grams of flower. You don’t want to skimp out on bud when you are rolling a hash hole.

Step 4: Add your cannabis concentrate

Roll up your rosin in your palm into a thin sliver. It’s up to you on how much of the extract you want to use, but typically you’ll need at least .5g for a hash hole.

Step 5: Add more flower

Add more flower on top of the concentrate, so that when you roll it up, it is directly in the middle of the joint like a hash hole is intended to be. This will also keep your rosin from sticking to the joint paper as you twist it.

A joint with the thin sliver of live rosin extract is ready to be rolled up with cannabis flower into a hash hole.Courtesy of Fidel's. This hash hole is ready to be rolled!

Step 6: Twist that infused joint

Once you’ve got all the ingredients properly placed inside of the king-size paper, go ahead and roll that thing up. It may take a little practice at first, but you’ll get it eventually.

Step 7: Smoke that hash hole

Once rolled, the final step of hash hole making is to smoke your art. Get a nice even burn and cherry at the beginning of the joint, and hit it slowly, so there is no uneven burn or running of the joint. With the added concentrate, the oil may cause your joint to burn differently than if it was just flower. Be cognizant of this, else you’ll end up wasting products (and money).

Once you smoke your first hash hole, you’ll see why so many companies and brands are starting to produce them. It may take a year or two before all dispensary shelves are inundated by them, but when that time comes, you’ll already be a pro at both rolling and smoking hash holes.

As always, when you’re buying cannabis flower and concentrates, prioritize brands that prioritize you. That means brands that release premium cannabis flower, with no contaminants or weak effects; and the same goes for extracts. 

At STIIIZY, for all of our infused pre-rolls and cannabis extracts, we only use premium cannabis flower. We also offer a proprietary weed pen battery system.