Known rappers and STIIIZY fans alike came through to show love for Pomona’s first legal dispensary: STIIIZY POMONA the weekend prior to 4th of July. 

Welcome to STIIIZY Pomona: the 10th retail location to be added to the fast-growing roster of STIIIZY retail stores!

On Saturday, June 26, 2021, STIIIZY Pomona saw a high turn-out rate with lines wrapping around the block, regardless of the heat.

Excitement grew as STIIIZY fans alike waited in high anticipation to see STIIIZY’s latest retail location as well as for an exclusive meet-and-greet with known rappers, entrepreneurs Xzibit and Too Short — both of whom came to promote their new brands: “Napalm”and “Too $hort Brand.”

The day started out with Pomona Mayor, Tim Sandoval and other city officials gifting the city’s first-ever legal dispensary with prestigious awards as well as officially opening the location up with speeches and a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“It’s impressive!” Mayor Sandoval stated in his ribbon-cutting ceremony speech. “If there’s anything we can do to help you as you transition we’re here for you.”

 Located off the State Route 71 Freeway, STIIIZY Pomona has created roughly 60 new jobs and will be an exciting new addition to the city’s revenue income for years to come.

In addition to city officials' excitement, attendees were able to witness STIIIZY’s continued impact on the cannabis culture. Not only was the line wrapped around the newest location at 7 a.m.,there were also die-hard STIIIZY fans who had camped out days prior.

STIIIZY-for-life customer Marcus (and his crew) camped out 48 hours straight to ensure that he could be the very first customer to step foot inside STIIIZY POMONA, with another who drove 24 hours straight from Arkansas to enjoy the well-known grand opening festivities.

“I had to pull up early for STIIIZY Pomona to top my record at STIIIZY San Bernardino,” Marcus said with excitement. “We had to do it big for STIIIZY Pomona baby!”

As the brand continues to open more locations, customers can expect nothing but memorable, unique experiences from STIIIZY when it comes to the cannabis retail space.

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