CannaCruise: A STIIIZY Adventure on the Detroit River

August 24th, 2023, marked a special day for cannabis industry leaders. Owners, partners, purchasers, and managers came together for an unforgettable event - the CannaCruise. It wasn't just any event, it was a voyage on a luxurious yacht, sailing across the beautiful Detroit River.

STIIIZY was there, of course! We were one of the few carefully selected vendors to participate. Our spot? The Vendor deck. It was here where four of our STIIIZY reps, educated on everything STIIIZY, held the fort. From new products, our field marketing initiative, to the brand's unique and authentic culture - we had all the answers.

Guests flocked to our station with questions, and we were there, ready to inform them about upcoming events with flyers and connect any interested parties to our sales team and leadership, who were all in attendance.

And guess what? We didn’t just bring information. We brought merchandise too! A variety of shirt styles and sizes and our full line of STIIIZY hats were on hand to give out to any head of industry.

But let's backtrack a little. What is CannaCruise, you ask?

Well, it's exactly what it sounds like. A cruise for cannabis industry leaders. Picture this: a beautiful yacht, the open water, a clear sky, and a bunch of cannabis enthusiasts coming together to network, learn, and have a good time. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it was a dream come true!

And it wasn’t just about the fun (although there was plenty of that!). It was about connecting. The cannabis industry is growing fast, and it's super important for all of us to stay connected, informed, and supportive of each other.

Back to the event. As the yacht traversed the Detroit River, the atmosphere was electric. Conversations flowed as easily as the river itself. Business cards were exchanged, hands were shaken, and new connections were made.

Oh, and did we mention the food? There were private chefs on board who provided an endless buffet of appetizers. From bite-sized delights to finger-licking goodness, there was something for everyone. And trust us, no one left hungry!

Our STIIIZY station was buzzing with activity. Guests were eager to learn about our new products and initiatives. Our reps were on fire, answering questions, handing out flyers for upcoming events, and connecting people to our sales team and leadership.

And let’s not forget about the merchandise. Our STIIIZY shirts and hats were a big hit! Guests were thrilled to receive them, and we were just as thrilled to hand them out.

As the sun set over the Detroit River, the event came to a close. But the connections made, the information shared, and the memories created will last a lifetime.

The CannaCruise was more than just an event. It was an experience. An opportunity to connect, learn, and celebrate the cannabis industry and the community we are all a part of.

A big thank you to everyone who attended and made the event a success. And a special shoutout to our STIIIZY reps who rocked the vendor deck. You guys are the real MVPs!
Until the next adventure,
The STIIIZY Michigan Team