STIIIZY DTLA opens two new art installation booths in collaboration with well-known influencers to kick off summer 2021!

STIIIZY DTLA launched new photo-opportunity booths on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 in collaboration with well-known influencers Annette Ruiz (Ann_ette69) and Cynthia Rocha (Queenncyn).

A year in the making, the two new booths were collaboratively designed by both Ruiz and Rocha prior to the Covid pandemic and were initially scheduled for an earlier launch. Due to the pandemic and restrictions that arose, STIIIZY and the two young entrepreneurs decided to put a pause on the grand reveal until June 2021 — ensuring fans and customers alike could safely enjoy the interactive booths without hesitation. 

Both located at the entrance of STIIIZY DTLA, the immersive art installations are a fun way to commemorate your visit at one of the top-rated cannabis retailers in Southern California.

Ruiz’s booth takes on an ‘out of this world’ theme and was curated after her shop’s IG series: Area69. A fun, colorful photo opportunity that will take you to another dimension after making that much needed re-up.

Rocha’s booth is not only the best seat in the house, but is on brand to her online persona and name: Queenncyn. The best way to make a statement online is going to be with this heavenly throne, nestled amongst the clouds, surrounded by floating STIIIZY batteries.

Both Annette Ruiz and Cynthia Rocha attended the grand reveal and hosted an exclusive meet-and-greet and photo opportunity event with their many fans. On top of commemorating their time with their favorite influencers, attendees received limited-edition lighters, lanyards and other STIIIZY accessories upon leaving.

Now that California has lifted most COVID restrictions, STIIIZY DTLA will be rotating the designs of the Instagram-friendly booths for consistently new customer experiences that are both innovative and unique.

Changing the lens on cannabis retails, STIIIZY DTLA is one of the few Southern California locations that is both vertically integrated and visually-striking. The space mirrors the LA culture while seamlessly merging cannabis and fine arts with its reimagined waiting room, rotating artist gallery, and LED light tunnel that incorporates a variety of immersive visuals daily.

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