STIIIZY starts 2022 with a highly anticipated rebrand of LIIIT: re-introducing it with a new name and sustainable packaging.

After the launch of the new eco-conscious STIIIZY pod packaging in October 2021, STIIIZY decides to take it a step further towards being a more sustainable brand with its Flower Line at the start of the new year. 

As STIIIZY continues to innovate, the brand recently introduced new eighth jars that are now made with eco-friendly packaging. How? By reducing the brand’s footprint with the use of smaller jars.

Instead of clear 30 dram jars, STIIIZY eighths will now come in tinted black, 20 dram jars. This step helps STIIIZY utilize less materials to package its 3.5 gram strains and keeps the brand on track to implement a green, environmentally conscious path within the cannabis industry. But unlike the pod packaging redesign, the biggest difference isn’t just the new jar proportions that helps reduce material usage, but the actual look and feel of the line. 

The labels have changed in a big way that will have customers talking. As these new eighth jars hit shelves in verified cannabis retail stores across California and select states, customers will notice that the labels will no longer include the name “LIIIT” on either the top badge or label itself — the line having evolved to “STIIIZY Premium High Quality Flower.” 

The new STIIIZY Premium High Quality Flower line will also no longer have the strain-type colorways of red, green and purple (the three common colorways for Sativa, Indica and Hybrid), but a range of different colors. A variety of new colorways such as green, white, pink, and yellow that are uniquely specific to each exotic strain will now be considered the new normal for STIIIZY eighths.

STIIIZY has not only introduced sustainable packaging and new colorways for its flower line at the start of the 2022 year, but has also introduced new exotic strains that have been cultivated in state-of-the-art, high tech indoor facilities in Los Angeles, California.

STIIIZY will be introducing four new exotic strains that includes:

Customers can grab these new strains on Saturday, January 15, 2021; bringing the newly redesigned flower line to house 11 hand-trimmed exotic strains.

A vertically integrated company, STIIIZY has cultivated its flower from seed to sale with cultivators like Senior Vice President of Cultivation: Sean Oganesyan. This individual alone brings over 14 years of cannabis experience and an expertise in scaleable indoor grows to the brand. Prior to STIIIZY, Oganesyan has consulted on grows under the name Surreal Yields with clients including Originals, Dr. Greenthumb, and Cookies to name a few.

Although STIIIZY has released this all new version of the STIIIZY Flower, the old versions of “LIIIT” eighth jars may still be on the market during this transition. To ensure you are always purchasing authentic STIIIZY products, use to locate a nearby verified retail store and enjoy!

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