Address: 2040 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 916-1465
Hours: Monday–Sunday: 9:00 AM–9:45 PM
Must be 21+ for recreational use or 18+ with valid medical recommendation; proper ID required.
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Store Open Date: September 30, 2023
License: C10-0001238-LIC

STIIIZY Oakland: Your Top-Choice Cannabis Dispensary in the Bay Area

Step into STIIIZY Oakland, a beacon in NorCal's cannabis scene, right in the vibrant pulse of the city at 2040 Telegraph Ave. Perfectly positioned amidst Oakland's rich tapestry of culture and entertainment, we're a stroll away from iconic landmarks like the Fox Oakland Theater and the historic Paramount Theatre. After securing your favorite Original THC Pods or exploring our range of edibles, why not take a jaunt to the nearby Oakland Museum of California or the bustling Jack London Square?

The heart of Oakland resonates with history and vibrancy, and at STIIIZY Oakland, we’re proud to be a part of that rhythm. Our proximity to the 19th Street Oakland BART station makes us easily accessible for both locals and those journeying from afar. And if you fancy some relaxation, Lake Merritt offers a tranquil escape just a short distance away.

Serving the Bay Area and beyond, STIIIZY Oakland isn't just another dispensary—it's a hub where cannabis culture meets Oakland's rich heritage. Dive into the heart of NorCal’s cannabis experience and immerse yourself in the community spirit of STIIIZY. Whether you're a longtime Oakland local, a student from San Francisco State University, or a visitor eager to explore, make STIIIZY Oakland your first stop. And remember, while the landmarks are permanent, our top-quality cannabis products are in high demand, so catch them while supplies last!

Meet Our Expert STIIIZY Budtenders in Oakland

Our Budtenders are the true spirit behind STIIIZY Oakland, representing our unwavering dedication to both the cannabis community and our cherished clients. These aren't just employees. They're passionate cannabis aficionados who cherish their role, becoming pillars in the Oakland cannabis scene. Armed with in-depth cannabis knowledge and a warm smile, they're always prepared to guide you to the ideal STIIIZY product tailored for you. Every visit is enhanced by our Budtenders, making sure the STIIIZY experience remains unmatched.

STIIIZY Oakland: Your Ultimate Cannabis Destination in the Bay Area

With the grand unveiling of our STIIIZY Oakland dispensary, we're thrilled to bring our signature products even closer to your doorstep. Nestled in the heart of Oakland, this haven of cannabis excellence offers a rich tapestry of offerings. Whether you're in the mood for our premium flower strains, ready-to-enjoy pre-rolls, robust concentrates, soothing topicals, delightful edibles, or want to snag some exclusive STIIIZY merch, we've got you covered.

Every facet of STIIIZY Oakland radiates our unwavering dedication to top-tier quality and the immersive shopping experience we're famed for. This commitment, coupled with the unparalleled support from our remarkable community, has propelled us to the pinnacle – being celebrated as California's #1 cannabis brand. But rest assured, our vision soars beyond the Golden State's borders. Michigan, brace yourselves! STIIIZY is on a mission to redefine the cannabis landscape in your region. Dive deeper into our relentless journey of cannabis innovation and excellence in this video.

Dive into the STIIIZY Rewards Program!

Love sharing cool stuff with your squad? Enjoy snagging sweet discounts? Hey, we're right there with you. That's why we rolled out the STIIIZY Rewards Program, tailored just for fans like you. Here's the lowdown:

  1. Spread the STIIIZY Love: For every person you refer to our STIIIZY locations, you will get 30% off your purchase on the next visit.

Note: The referral must happen in person, so load your car up with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, (whoever’s on your list!) the next time you come in.

  1. Shop and Earn: For every crisp $100 bill you drop at STIIIZY, we toss a $1 credit your way. Stack 'em up and use these credits on any of your future STIIIZY splurges. Wanna keep tabs on your credit stash? Just give a nudge to your go-to STIIIZY Dispensary Sales Associate during your next visit. They've got you covered.