Introducing our newest sensation:

Introducing our newest sensation:
Introducing our newest sensation:
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Live Resin Liquid Diamonds, crafted by melting diamonds into a liquid form to give you the highest potency possible, mixing with live resin to deliver true cannabis flavor. A dab experience in the palm of your hand.

Our newest Live Resin Liquid Diamonds line up pays a tribute to our commitment to excellence. Designed for the best tastes, and delivering an experience that's simply unmatched. Convenience meets luxury in every hit, giving you an elevated experience.

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Now Available in:
California, Arizona, Michigan & Nevada
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Live Resin + Liquid Diamonds

A Flawless fusion together

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What makes our liquid diamond pods different?

Their pods are special because they taste true to strain, meaning they taste exactly like what's on the label. So, each pod is distinct and unique.


POTENT AF!! It is very very strong.

High Times Magazine

Cultivated Indoors


Northern Lights

Northern Lights will have you reaching the stars, the perfect potent mixture of sweet and earthy with hints of citrus.

Tahoe OG

Keep it original with Tahoe OG, earthy notes with a dash of lemon!

White Widow

The Indica legend White Widow rocks a potent flavor combination of spicy, herbal, and earthy!

Purple Haze

An East Coast staple, potent, sweet, earthy undertones intertwine with a hint of berries!

Hawaiian Snow

Take a trip to the tropics, a burst of sweet, tropical, and piney notes in every draw!

Green Crack

Ignite your taste buds with a delicious blend of tangy and fruity notes with an undertone of pine and citrus!

Pink Runtz

The legendary Pink Runtz, a candy aroma with sweet and fruity notes!

Purple Zlushie

Savor the flavor of this super exotic strain, sugary grapes meet spicy herbs with earthy undertones!

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Taste why this is the world's most popular flavor, the perfect blend of lemon, berries, and citrus!