Weed edibles have always been a popular way to consume cannabis. That’s because they’re delicious snacks, and the potency is great for people craving weed products with heavy effects.

Though there is always a weird stereotype of edibles being scary, the truth is that there are many benefits to eating cannabis.

Here we explore the world of cannabis edibles are, the different types of cannabis concentrates used to make them, and 4 benefits of consuming weed gummies and other ingestible forms of cannabis.

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What to know about weed edibles

Edibles are basically infused cannabis snacks. With the right formula, literally any type of food can be turned into a weed dish. There are many different types of cannabis snacks and beverages that you can buy at local dispensaries.

The differences between edibles on the shelves comes down to what foods were used, and how they were infused.

There’s a bunch of different kinds of weed edibles at the dispensary. Gummies are the most popular, best-selling, and most abundant by a long shot. You’ve also got chocolates and beverages as consumer favorites. The classic baked goods like cookies and brownies are still out there too, though less popular than they were in the old school days of weed.

8 weed edibles in the form of chocolate-chip cookies are grouped next to cannabis leaves.

If you don’t want to eat or smoke your cannabis, what about drinking it? With the increasing popularity of cannabis beverages around the nation, it’s becoming obvious that people love an infused weed beverage. Additionally, if you don’t want beverages, tinctures are a great and easy way to consume cannabis orally.

A cup of cannabis-infused cola and ice is weed edible you can drink.

Tinctures, since ingested versus inhaled, are technically edibles in the form of cannabis drops. You can drop them over food or in drinks to make your own edibles; you can also simply drop them under your tongue. They are an excellent way to not only manage dosage and consume cannabis, but also experience a variety of cannabis compounds like CBD, CBN, and so forth.

Weed edibles such as a tincture, brownies, pastries, and oils are laid out on a wooden table with cannabis leaves.

These different edibles are created with formulas that use cannabis hash oil for infusions. The oils can be the same types of oils that work for dabs and vape pens. Let’s have a look at them.

Distillate edibles

Distillate is a solvent-based type of cannabis oil that strips the oil of all its compounds except THC. THC is the chemical in cannabis that gets us high, so the idea is that by isolating the compound, you are able to create the highest potency.

However, with that, you get a flavorless oil with a weird taste that, all in all, doesn’t really create the best products. It does boost potency though. Edibles made with distillate rely on their gummy, or other edible, to mask the distillate taste to them.

Live resin edibles

Live resin, if you don’t know, is a solvent-based extract that is made by using a chemical like butane to strip trichomes from the plant before processing into oil. Live resin, when purged properly, creates a potent cannabis concentrate with high terpene content.

Terpenes are responsible for the smell and flavor in cannabis flower, dabs, and vape pens. Edibles made with live resin have a higher quality than distillate. 

Weed gummies made with live resin and different flavors lean next to their triangular packages.

Rosin and Live Rosin edibles

Rosin and live rosin are great ways to make solventless edibles.

Rosin is made in a couple of ways. One, you can use a rosin press to press flower into little weed chips with terpy plant oils left behind. Two, you can use ice water to wash the trichomes away from dried and cured plants, then process it into oil. Live rosin comes from the latter process, but the starting plant material has been frozen for a few days.

The win with any type of rosin is knowing that it, technically, has the most natural and accurate strain profile possible, since there was never any solvent interference.

4 benefits of consuming cannabis edibles

There’s a bunch of reasons that people love edibles. Here are a few of the most shared.

Discretion and portability

Obviously, edibles are food and don’t require a flame or a dab rig. So a big benefit in using them is that you can do so in secret. You can crank open a bag of gummies at your local grocery store and no one will know the wiser.

Because of this, edibles are a great travel choice. They easily stash in backpacks, and won’t have you smelling super loud like a suitcase of weed would.

A different type of high 

Because of how weed edibles work in your body, they get you high from a different type of THC than smoking joints and taking dabs. The traditional methods of weed consumption introduce Delta-9-THC to your body. Edibles convert Delta-9-THC into 11-hydroxy-THC through digestion, and introduce a more potent, longer-lasting high to the body.

So if you’re looking to be absolutely punched by the effects of a weed product, eating a couple edibles will probably do the trick.

Sleepy effects

Once edibles fully cycle, that 11-hydroxy-THC high usually creates a sleepy type of experience. This is why so many edibles consumers prefer to do so at the end of their days, or a couple hours before.

Easy to dose

When you buy cannabis flower or concentrates, you’re able to see the cannabinoid and terpene percentages on the packaging, but getting the exact dosage of each per bowl or pull is pretty much impossible to know. With edibles, you are purchasing by THC milligrams per piece, thus it is easier to manage your dosage and the experience that follows.

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As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing weed edibles as a method for enjoying the cannabis experience. Just make sure when you buy them, that you are purchasing high quality products that are safe and enjoyable to consume. The best way to ensure you’re doing so is by shopping for edibles at legal weed dispensaries.

At STIIIZY, we only use premium cannabis flower for all of our cannabis products including our edibles and proprietary weed pods.