If you love a deliciously sweet, fruity, and gassy weed strain, then Apple Fritter could be your next favorite consumable. Chances are you’ve seen it on dispensary menus.    

Apple Fritter buds appear thick and dense, with a somewhat foxtail look to them. Their color tends to be dark green with dark purple spots throughout the buds, and a thick coat of trichomes. If you haven’t tried Apple Fritter yet, you should. Here’s why.   

A nug of cannabis flower from the Apple Fritter Strain sits against a white background.

Apple Fritter strain's origins  

Apple Fritter was created by the breeders at Lumpy’s Flowers nearly a decade ago. Lumpy’s is a growing company known for many cultivars like Reckless Rainbow, Cherry Jane, Truffle Runtz, and Candy Apple Haze. Apple Fritter is definitely their most famous creation thus far.   

To make Apple Fritter, sometimes called Apple Fritters, Lumpy’s Flowers crossed Sour Apple with Animal Cookies. It is a hybrid and has led to other strains like Cherry Pie and Apple Runtz. It is an extremely potent cultivar.  

How does Apple Fritter smell and taste?

You’ll find that a lot of consumers report Apple Fritter’s aroma as a mixture of apple, cheese, and butter; hence the name. So obviously, this is a dessert strain of sorts.  

Upon consumption, the taste of an apple-flavored dessert will coat your mouth. You will also detect a somewhat sweet and earthy gassiness that will satisfy any cannabis connoisseur’s palate.  

Apple Fritter’s terpene profile weaves together peppery cinnamon notes of caryophyllene; citrus touches of limonene; the hoppy presence of humulene; and the flowery, herbal scent of terpinolene, which you also find present in sage, rosemary, and nutmeg, to name a few. In fact, terpinolene is also present in apple conifer trees, potentially explaining the connection to a strain like Apple Fritter.

A disposable weed pen with distillate derived from the Apple Fritter strain stands outside its black box.

What are Apple Fritter’s effects?

Apple Fritter is known for a powerfully relaxing high that will make you feel warm, comfortable, and happy. It’s a great daytime strain to consume in the afternoon while decompressing from work. It is also a great social strain for people who need to relax a bit to open up emotionally.  

You’ll find that many consumers say the strain induces a delightful tingly sensation and a surge of euphoria while inviting one to both relax and giggle.  

Some people say Apple Fritter actually makes it easier for them to get stuff done throughout the day. Even past productivity, Apple Fritter is such an excellent strain for mood boosts and generating positive thoughts. Just make sure to have some water handy when consuming it as smoking great weed will definitely dehydrate you.  

A weed vape pod with premium THC distillate from the Apple Fritter strain stands next to its white box.


Is Apple Fritter a body high or head high?

Each cannabis strain can affect us all differently based on several factors. Those factors are our physical makeup, experience with cannabis, tolerance levels, and so much more. So when you’re asking how Apple Fritter feels, the simple answer is that you’ll have to try it and see. Thank your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) for that.    

That said, Apple Fritter commonly gives both a head and body high. You may feel your thoughts slowing down as your body begins to relax, inspiring you to lay back and enjoy the calmer moments of life.   

When consuming any cannabis strain, but especially Apple Fritter, make sure to only get it from legal dispensaries that sell reputable brands that people know, trust, and love. It will ensure the best possible experience. 

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