GMO Cookies Strain: Modified Goodness

If you love a funky weed strain that will knock your socks off, GMO Cookies might become your next best bud. Its particular flavor and high potency make for a very unique cannabis experience. Here’s what you should know about this delicious, garlicky hybrid.  


A nug of cannabis flower from the GMO Cookies strain sits against a white background.


The origin and appearance of GMO Cookies  

A moderately difficult plant to grow, the buds of GMO Cookies are olive green with bits of purple, a bunch of curly orange hairs, and a dusty white coat of trichomes. Those trichomes house a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes that make this strain extremely potent with a loud, unique terpene profile.    

Also called Garlic Cookies (and GMO for short), GMO Cookies is a cross between Chemdog D and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). GMO stands for Garlic Mushroom Onion, hinting at the strain’s wild flavor profile.   

The strain was originally bred by Spanish breeders at Mamiko Seeds were the first to bring GMO Cookies onto the scene, but there is another version of the strain bred by Divine Genetics. GMO’s genetics have led to many other fine hybrids like Fatso (GMO x Legends OG) and Donny Burger (GMO x Han Solo Burger).  

The "Cookies" lineage is one that is often sought after by the cannabis lovers. There is many strains to choose from when you want to get GMO Cookies or something similar.



A nug of cannabis flower from the GMO Cookies strain is held up by someone wearing black gloves.

What does the GMO Cookies strain smell and taste like?   

GMO is some absolute skunk. Open a jar of it, and the room will quickly fill up with its pungent terpene profile.     

It smells and tastes like a sizzling mix of garlic, funk, spice, and gas. Upon consumption, you might also detect a few notes of coffee notes on the exhale. The flavorful personality of GMO Cookies, of course, comes from its special terpene profile.   

Caryophyllene, the same chemical found in black pepper and rosemary, gives the flower its loud spice at the same time as humulene, also found in sage, brings on the hops. The terpene of lemon grass and mangoes is also present in GMO Cookies, along with limonene, the same compound that’s found in the rinds of lemons, oranges, and grapefruits.   


A large pool of cannabis flower nugs from the GMO Cookies strain is showcased.

What are GMO Cookies’ effects?  

To put it lightly, since GMO is always high in THC, it will absolutely dominate you with both a mental stupor and full-body relaxation. To be more explicit, this weed strain is an absolute slobberknocker.     

Within just a few puffs of smoke or vapor, you will feel a heavy high settle into your face, with strong mental stimulation to follow. As that euphoria locks in, so will a physically sedative type of experience that will eventually send you right into the couch (or bed for the night).   

In general, most people say they feel relaxed, sleepy, and happy after consuming GMO Cookies. If you’ve been looking for a heavy strain with some real punch on the potency, GMO Cookies could be the one for you. It is long-lasting and won’t require too much smoke to get you where you need to go.  

A black jar of live rosin badder extracted from cannabis flower of the GMO Cookies strain sits next to its box.


With its heavy-hitting high, GMO Cookies is an excellent strain for binge-watching movies and TV shows on a slow Sunday evening. Some say GMO can inspire creativity, but for most people, it inspires an early bedtime.  

So while individual experiences with this strain can vary depending on each person’s level of tolerance and endocannabinoid system, you generally hear that GMO Cookies kicks off as a head high before dropping down heavily into a body.

If you have a high tolerance, it can be a great strain for boosting creativity and calmness. Chances are though, that the effects will take over your whole body and leave you feeling slumped with little desire for activity.  

That said, the best way to know how it’ll be for you is to consume GMO Cookies in its various forms, whether as flower or extracts, and monitor the experiences at different dosages.

Just make sure to purchase it from brands and growers that are known for putting good weed into their jars and bags. It’s the best way to know you’re getting the real deal from such a remarkable strain of weed.

An open black jar showcases live rosin badder extracted from cannabis flower of the GMO Cookies strain.

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