London Pound Cake Strain: Decadent Bliss

The number of weed strains descended from the juggernaut Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is dizzying. The ever-popular dessert strain has had a massive impact on cannabis genetics, with several dozen kin popping up in an ever-expanding family tree. 

The London Pound Cake strain is one GSC descendent in a league of its own. With a flavor profile that mimics a slice of your grandma’s favorite Sunday treat and effects that land you somewhere between bliss and bedtime, this indica-dominant strain is definitely a fan favorite. 

Curious about what makes London Pound Cake stand out from its wildly famous grandparent? In this definitive guide, find out everything you need to know about the London Pound Cake strain. 


A cannabis flower nug of the London Pound Cake strain stands before a clear background.

London Pound Cake genetics: famous yet mysterious

The London Pound Cake strain bloodline is both incredibly well-known and a complete secret. While this is not that unusual in cannabis breeding, it does leave some puzzled. 

One of London Pound Cake’s parents is Sherbert, an extremely popular cross between GSC and Pink Panties. This strain was created by Sherbinski, who used Cookies genetics to create a masterpiece. 

The Cookies Fam breeders, in turn, created London Pound Cake by crossing Sherbert with an unknown indica strain. They have kept London Pound Cake’s parentage a mystery, perhaps to keep their legions of fans guessing. 

London Pound Cake made a splash when it first hit the scene. Its famous children include Cheetah Piss and London Purpz, both heavy hitters in their own right. 

A cola with cannabis flower nugs of the London Pound Cake strain stands against a black background.

Average THC in London Pound Cake

The London Pound Cake strain is incredibly potent. It regularly tests at 30% THC, with a minimum of 20%. This makes for an especially strong high, so newbies should take note. 

In addition to the mind-altering THC cannabinoid, London Pound Cake often contains up to 1% of CBG. This lesser-known cannabinoid is not psychoactive and instead is used for therapeutic reasons. Many people believe CBG helps reduce stress, which makes sense, considering London Pound Cake tends to be super relaxing in its effects. 

The flavors of the London Pound Cake strain

Weed strains aren’t just defined by cannabinoids. Terpenes are equally important. Terpenes are aromatic compounds responsible for the flavor, scent, and effects of cannabis. 

London Pound Cake has a deliciously sweet terpene profile reminiscent of a Southern bakery. The three primary terpenes are peppery caryophyllene, citrusy limonene, and earthy myrcene. 

Combining these terpenes creates a rich and tasty flavor with hints of vanilla, lemon, and butter. Taking a hit of this indica strain will invigorate your senses and invoke images of thick and doughy dessert straight from the oven. 

Three nugs of cannabis flower from the London Pound Cake strain rest against their reflection on a black surface.

The London Pound Cake high

If you’re looking for a full body buzz sure to leave you in a state of pure bliss, London Pound Cake is the strain for you.  

The effects from London Pound Cake are cerebral at first, eventually making their way down until you’re entirely enveloped in a pleasant and potent high. Expect to be completely relaxed and sucked into your sofa—this stone is pure indica at heart. 

London Pound Cake is a perfect pre-bed time smoke, as it’s likely to send you off to dreamland within no time at all. Many consumers on Leafly tout the strain for its sedative and anxiety-busting attributes. 

A grow room filled with cannabis plants has white walls, fans on the ceilings, and white lights.

Why London Pound Cake is perfect in vape pens and weed vape pods

As we all know, flower is not the only way to consume cannabis. Many folks prefer vaping thanks to its ease of use and discreet nature. 

London Pound Cake vape pens and weed vape pods are an awesome way to enjoy this sweet and succulent strain. With a robust terpene profile and resinous buds, London Pound Cake is perfect for extraction. 

Hitting a London Pound Cake weed vape pod or cart instantly is a true confectionary delight, reminiscent of taking a big bite of a lemon loaf drizzled in vanilla frosting. You’ll instantly feel the strain’s powerful and stoney effects, meaning one or two rips is all it takes. 


CDT weed vape pods with distillate derived from the London Pound Cake Strain are showcased with their black box.


The London Pound Cake strain: a Cookies fam all-star 

Once in a while, a GSC cross comes along that is clearly in a league of its own. The London Pound Cake strain fits that description to a T. 

Rich, luscious, and decadent with a remarkably potent high, this indica strain is not for the faint of heart. With THC levels often hitting 30% or more and super sedative effects, you’ll want to leave this dessert strain for the end of the day.  

With so many incredible strains in the Cookies family tree, it may be hard to believe that one could stand out. London Pound Cake, however, fits the bill and is definitely worthy of a space in the storied breeder’s hall of fame. 

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