Motorbreath Strain: Cannabis Guide

 cannabis strain review- motor breath

Motorbreath (also spelled as motor breath) is a widely popular indica-leaning strain among cannabis consumers, especially when it comes to marijuana strains like indica strains. Particularly, experienced users seek this strain for its strong effects that are both physically and mentally perceptible.

The Motorbreath buds are:

  • Spade-shaped

  • Minty shade of green with hints of blues and purples

  • Adorned with long, thin orange hairs

  • Thin layer of amber trichomes

This exciting strain is a thrilling cross between legendary strains, Chemdawg and San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG Kush, giving it an impressive lineage that has captured the admiration of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. The adaptability of Motorbreath makes it an ideal choice for both seasoned cultivators and beginners, making this potent strain accessible to all.

Parent Strain #1- Chemdawg

Chemdawg, or Chemdog, is a potent hybrid with a mysterious lineage, possibly involving Nepalese and Thai strains. It's known for its unique flavor profile blending earthy and diesel notes, and a pungent aroma. With a high THC content around 20%, it offers cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation, ideal for creativity and relaxation. This versatile strain is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts for its balanced effects.

Parent Strain #2- SFV OG Kush

SFV OG Kush (San Fernando Valley Og), a derivative of OG Kush, is a hybrid strain blending aromas of earthy, pine, and lemon. Its THC content ranges from 17-22%, offering an uplifting yet relaxing experience. Ideal for stress and pain relief, this strain is known for its balanced effects. Its parent strains are OG Kush and Afghani, contributing to its potent and aromatic profile.

Indica or Sativa: Understanding the Hybrid Ratio

Motorbreath (motor breath), a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa hybrid, inherits its robust lineage from the parent legendary strains. This unique blend results in a strain that masterfully combines the soothing, calming effects of its Indica genes with the energizing uplifting influence of its Sativa heritage.

The result is a harmonious experience that offers both mental stimulation and physical relaxation. Its Indica strain dominance contributes to its effectiveness in promoting relaxation and sleep, while the Sativa elements add a stimulating touch, making Motorbreath a powerful choice for those seeking a balanced, recreational hybrid experience.

cannabis and motors

THC Content and Potency

The Motorbreath strain contains a high THC content of 25-35%, making it a strong choice for experienced users seeking relaxation and relief from various ailments. THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis and plays a crucial role in cannabis potency. While the THC percentage is often used as a measure of potency in the cannabis industry, it is not a reliable indicator of the quality or strength of the effects.

Due to its exceptional potency, Motorbreath is only recommended for experienced cannabis consumers. The strain’s high THC content contributes to its powerful pain relief, strong buzz, and restful good night’s sleep, making it a popular choice among medical patients seeking relief from chronic pain.

A Deep Dive into Motorbreath's Aroma and Flavor Profiles

Motorbreath’s aroma and flavor profiles are characterized by a pungent diesel scent, sharp citrus notes, and earthy undertones, making it a memorable experience for cannabis enthusiasts. The pungent diesel scent is strong and distinctive, capturing the attention and admiration of those who encounter it. Meanwhile, the sharp citrus notes, likely attributed to terpenes such as limonene and myrcene, add a bright and zesty element to the flavor profile, making it even more enjoyable.

The earthy undertone of Motorbreath adds a natural and grounded element to the flavor profile, enhancing the overall complexity of the flavor. This combination of diesel, citrus, and earthy flavors make Motorbreath a truly unique and exciting strain for those who appreciate a diverse and captivating flavor experience.

The Role of Terpenes

Terpenes are key to Motorbreath's distinct aroma and flavor, blending earthy, citrus, and spicy notes. This combination not only enriches the sensory experience but also enhances the strain's therapeutic effects like relaxation, pain relief, and mood elevation. Motorbreath's rich terpene profile makes it a versatile choice for cannabis enthusiasts. The main terpenes found are:

1. Myrcene: Dominant in Motorbreath, myrcene imparts a musky, earthy aroma with sweet undertones. Therapeutically, it's known for its anti-inflammatory and sedative effects, enhancing the strain's relaxing properties.

2. Limonene: This terpene adds a sharp, citrusy aroma, contributing to Motorbreath's refreshing and zesty flavor profile. Limonene is also associated with mood elevation and stress relief, complementing the strain's uplifting effects.

3. Beta-Caryophyllene: Known for its spicy, peppery notes, beta-caryophyllene contributes to the strain's complex aroma. It's unique among terpenes for its ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system, potentially offering anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits.

4. Alpha-Humulene: This terpene adds a subtle woodiness to the aroma, with hints of earthiness. Alpha-humulene is believed to have anti-inflammatory and appetite-suppressing properties, adding to Motorbreath's therapeutic versatility.

5. Terpinolene: Offering a slightly floral, herbaceous, and sometimes fruity aroma, terpinolene contributes to the strain's diverse and intriguing scent profile. It's thought to have sedative and antioxidant effects, enhancing the calming experience of Motorbreath.

Experiencing Motorbreath: Effects and Benefits

Motorbreath’s effects include a calming sensation with slight sedative properties, making it effective for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and sleep disorders. The strain is also known to stimulate appetite and soothe nausea, providing relief for those suffering from various ailments. With its incredible potency and effectiveness, Motorbreath has become a popular choice for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

The best time to enjoy Motorbreath is in the evening, when its relaxing effects can truly be appreciated. The strain’s sedative properties make it perfect for unwinding after a long day, providing relief from stress and tension while promoting a state of blissful tranquility.

Potential Side Effects

Some users may experience dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety as potent effects of Motorbreath, and it is not recommended for first-time or novice users due to its potency. The high levels of THC present in the strain can cause these thrilling side effects, making it essential for users to exercise caution and be prepared.

One way to alleviate the side effects of Motorbreath is to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids to combat dry mouth and thirst. By being aware of the potential side effects and taking proper precautions, users can enjoy the amazing benefits of Motorbreath without any unwanted surprises.

Growing Motorbreath: Tips and Techniques

For those interested in cultivating Motorbreath, there are several guidelines and methods to ensure successful growth. Optimal conditions for growing Motorbreath include temperature, humidity, and lighting, as well as indoor and outdoor cultivation considerations. Ensuring the right conditions and proper care will result in a thriving and potent Motorbreath harvest.

Important factors to consider when growing Motorbreath include recommended temperature and humidity levels, as well as the nutrients required for the plant’s growth. By adhering to these guidelines, cultivators can expect a bountiful harvest of Motorbreath, ready to be dried, cured, and enjoyed by cannabis enthusiasts.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cultivation

Indoor cultivation is strongly recommended for Motorbreath due to its compact size and quick flowering time of 8-9 weeks. By providing wide, vertical spaces and utilizing the ScrOG method, cultivators can obtain a uniform plane and increase the size of the lower flowers, resulting in a higher overall yield.

Outdoor cultivation of Motorbreath is also possible with proper care and attention to potential challenges, such as pests attacking the dense plants and protecting the buds from outdoor elements. When grown outdoors, Motorbreath can yield around 2-3 ounces per square foot or 15-20 ounces per plant, making it a rewarding endeavor for those willing to put in the effort.

Comparing Motorbreath to Other High-THC Strains

Motorbreath is often compared to other high-THC strains like Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies, highlighting its unique aroma, flavor, and sedative effects that make it a favorite among experienced users. Gorilla Glue offers an amazing combination of citrus, earthy, and woody flavors, while Girl Scout Cookies has an aroma with earthy undertones and hints of coffee and mocha. Both strains are known for their incredibly sedative effects, much like Motorbreath.

However, what distinguishes Motorbreath from other strains is its diverse range of effects for an indica-dominant strain, providing immediate head elevation and waves of physical and mental relief. This powerful combination of effects makes Motorbreath a standout choice for those seeking a unique and captivating cannabis experience.


In conclusion, the Motorbreath strain is a unique and captivating choice for experienced cannabis enthusiasts, offering a potent combination of effects, aroma, and flavor. With its impressive lineage, strong aroma and flavor profiles, and numerous benefits for both recreational and medicinal purposes, Motorbreath is truly a standout strain in the world of cannabis.

Whether you’re interested in growing your own Motorbreath plants or simply enjoying the powerful and calming effects of this remarkable strain, there’s no doubt that Motorbreath is a must-try for any seasoned cannabis connoisseur.


Motorbreath is an exciting 70/30 hybrid strain, offering a perfect balance of Indica and Sativa effects.

Motorbreath provides a unique experience with its pungent diesel scent, sharp citrus notes and earthy undertones - creating an unforgettable aroma and flavor!

Motorbreath can cause dizziness, paranoia and anxiety in some users, so it's not recommended for novice or first-time users.

Motorbreath is a popular choice for experienced users due to its unique aroma, flavor, and diverse effects compared to other high-THC strains like Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies.

For successful growth of Motorbreath, create an optimal environment with the right temperature, humidity, and lighting. Additionally, consider both indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques.