Cannabis has tremendous power. Through this plant, we have the potential to bring transformative positive change to people that have been marginalized, underrepresented, and underserved in their communities. STIIIZY accomplishes this by reallocating our resources and directing revenue to support projects that improve communities and serve people in their everyday lives. 

This year, through our STIIIZY-Pomona location on West Holt Street, we presented a check to the City of Pomona for over $200,000. Coming just over a year after STIIIZY Pomona's opening, the funds will be used towards improvements at John F. Kennedy Park and the schools near the STIIIZY location. Improvements to the lighting, building a concession stand next to the baseball field and additional playground equipment are some of the options being considered with the funds. 

Working hand-in-hand with city officials, STIIIZY Pomona has also been engaged in an ongoing effort to help revitalize the area of Pomona where they operate, introducing a secure, vibrant business and providing safe access to cannabis, and providing 90 jobs.

We’re honored to graciously support the City; and investing right back into the community is the best thing we can do to show our appreciation to Pomona’s citizens.  


From the onset of the licensing process we wanted to be a welcomed presence in “P-Town” (Pomona) and add value to the neighborhoods we serve. Not only has STIIIZY been an industry leader when it comes to innovative and potent products, but also in the realm of social impact. This is one of our largest direct community investments to date. It is a result of local lawmakers and advocates arguing in favor of funds generated by cannabis operators to be used to improve the communities they serve. 

Working hand-in-hand with city officials, STIIIZY-Pomona continues to be engaged in an ongoing effort to help revitalize the area where we operate. The formation of our store creates a secure, vibrant business, and provides safe access to cannabis, along with 90+ jobs.

We hope that in the future more communities will begin to rethink their perception of cannabis and become more open to partnering with STIIIZY.