STIIIZY Oakland’s Grand Opening: A Day to Remember!



Hello, Oakland! We've landed, and boy, did we make an entrance. On September 30, 2023, STIIIZY Oakland threw open its doors, and what a day it was! Settling at 2040 Telegraph Ave, we aren't just any store; we're proud to be a Social Equity Store. And our grand opening? Let's just say it was more than just cutting a ribbon. It was a party!

From the early morning hours, the excitement in Oakland was off the charts. People were buzzing, chatting, and lining up way before the sun was up. And guess what? The first 125 early birds got a treat: our exclusive STIIIZY bongs. Now, that's a way to start the day!

But the fun didn't stop there. Next in line? 300 cool STIIIZY merch tees. Because if you're gonna rep, you gotta rep in style. And our fans in Oakland? Oh, they've got style!

Now, the more the merrier, right? We put a little twist on that. The more you spend, the merrier it gets! With our spending tiers, fans unlocked more and more cool STIIIZY goodies. It was like a treasure hunt, where everyone found some gold.

Music and STIIIZY go hand in hand. And for our grand opening, we had the super talented Lil Blood drop by. Man, did the crowd love that! Every beat, every rhythm just added to the day's magic.

Got a sweet tooth? We had you covered with our Soft Serve Brand Ambassador booth. And the cherry on top? Special gift bags for those who made a brand purchase. Each bag was like a little bundle of joy, filled with STIIIZY surprises.

But wait, there's more! For those who took a minute to fill out our exit survey, there was a mega surprise in store. We raffled off a PS5! Yup, you read that right. A brand-new PlayStation 5 was up for grabs. Gaming and STIIIZY, now that's a combo we love.

STIIIZY Oakland's grand opening? Yeah, it was the talk of the town! With cool beats, electric energy, amazing giveaways, and that signature STIIIZY vibe. Oakland, we're here, and if you thought that was something, just wait for what's next!

So, if you missed out this time, don't fret. Drop by, say hi, and immerse yourself in the STIIIZY universe. And always stay tuned for more cool events, because with STIIIZY, every day is a party!