If you haven’t smoked a hash hole, you surely will sometime soon. It’s a bubbling product in the infused pre-roll category that is sure to be in most stores in the coming future. We are seeing many companies prioritize creating hash holes to keep up with the ever-evolving cannabis industry, and the consumer demands within it. 

Here’s some information on what hash holes are, and which extracts are the best for making them. 

Three infused pre-rolls made with indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis flower, lay in front of their jars.

Hash holes: a special kind of infused joint

Also called donut holes, snake holes, and wormholes, the hash hole is a type of infused pre-roll that is sweeping the cannabis game by storm. 

Infused pre-rolls are joints (cones) made with a mixture of both cannabis flower and one or more extracts. Sometimes they contain just one extract, like flower plus distillate or flower plus live resin diamonds; other times they contain more than one, like flower plus distillate plus kief, or live resin and kief.   

Hash holes are a type of infused pre-roll with a worm of cannabis extracts in the middle of it. The worms, which are hand-rolled into a thin sliver of high-potency hash, make the joints burn with an open hole in the middle of the flower. 

The goal of the hash hole is to not only increase potency but also mix the flavor of your favorite flower with the flavor of some great-tasting cannabis extracts. 

Someone with a blue glove holds an unrolled hash hole with cannabis flower and live rosin badder shaped like a worm.
Courtesy of Fidel's, the master hash hole maker!

Why do people love smoking hash holes? 

Flavor and potency. People love hash holes because they taste amazing, thanks to the type of concentrates used to create them, and they will have you absolutely smacked. 

In addition to their high terpene content, which is responsible for the flavors in weed, certain cannabis concentrates are also packed with potency that essentially makes these infused pre-rolls like smoking a dab to the face. 

Cannabis consumers who love dabbing extracts tend to also love smoking hash holes. 

A fat hash hole with golden live rosin badder in the center is being smoked.
Courtesy of Fidel's.

A few things to know about making your own hash holes

If you can’t buy a hash hole (yet), you can also roll your own! To roll a proper hash hole, simply follow the steps below.

How to roll a hash hole: 

Step 1: Buy the right flower
Step 2: Buy the right concentrate 
Step 3: Add flower
Step 4: Add concentrate
Step 5: Add more flower
Step 6: Twist that infused joint
Step 7: Smoke that hash hole

The steps to rolling a hash hole are much easier than you’d expect. You just need to be a high-quality cannabis extract, specifically some form of live rosin with the right consistency, and have some experience in hand-rolling joints.   

What cannabis extracts should you use for hash holes?

In general, any type of cannabis concentrate can be used to make infused pre-rolls. They can be infused with live resin diamonds for potency, curated live resin for the experience of a dab, and dry sift concentrates like the kief that falls to the bottom of your grinder. 

With hash holes, however, the type of concentrate and its consistency matters. The concentrate has to be solventless, with a texture that is mostly a soft solid that you can easily manipulate into a thin, snake-like shape to lay in the middle of your cannabis flower. 

The original hash holes from Fidel's are made with six-star hash rosin, seen as the highest rung on the hash quality ladder. 

So, you want solventless hash rosin. That’s truly the only answer when it comes to hash holes: you want to purchase (or roll) the ones made exclusively with live rosin or ice water hash, two types of cannabis extracts that only differ in production technicalities. 

Ice water hash is a type of concentrate made by using ice water and agitation to separate those milky white trichomes from the cannabis plant matter. Live rosin is essentially ice water hash that is pressed and further processed into dabs and oil for weed pens. 

The difference is that live rosin is only made from ice water hash that uses fresh-frozen plants as starting material. You also have ice water hash that can come from dried and cured plants, the result of which would not be used to make live rosin.

A glass jar in front of a black background contains thick creamy live rosin badder.

The right consistency of cannabis extracts for hash holes 

The consistency of concentrates refers to the texture of your extracts. The large world of cannabis extracts includes a range of consistencies, such as badder, sauces, jams, diamonds, and the list goes on. 

When it comes to hash holes, the primary mission is to get a perfect circle burning in the middle of your flower. It doesn’t matter how fine the joint is if that hole doesn’t poke through. To ensure this happens, hash holes are usually rolled with badder-like consistencies. 

When you’re looking at cannabis concentrates, live resin and live rosin indicate the type of extraction used, while whatever description that follows, like diamonds, jams, and badders, indicates the extract’s consistency.  

A thin sliver of golden live rosin badders wraps around a metal dabbing tool like a snake.

Badders have a thick, almost frosting-like texture that is easy to mold and scoop for dabs. They are the best choice for creating your own hash holes (if you aren’t buying them in pre-roll form). 

When purchasing infused pre-rolls, hash holes, and concentrates, always make sure you’re purchasing them from high-quality producers that guarantee safe, contaminant-free products that will provide you with the best consumption experiences possible. 


At STIIIZY, we only use premium cannabis flower for all of our cannabis extracts, including our live rosin badder and live resin diamonds.