The best part about smoking weed is the amazing tastes that can come from it. There are so many diverse flavors and associated with those flavors are a world of different effects.

When looking at the different flavors of weed, you might be wondering how to go about deciding which ones are your favorite. Learning that answer will do you a great bit of help when it comes to shopping for premium cannabis flower.

Here’s some information about why cannabis smells and tastes differently, as well as which flavors translate into which effects. 

A cannabis flower nug from a blue raz strain of weed sits against a black background.

Why do different cannabis strains smell and taste differently?

Terpenes. The different ways weed can smell and taste come down to terpenes. If you’re going to be a cannabis user, you’ll have to learn what these chemicals are and what they do.

Terpenes are the aromatic oils in cannabis plants that produce their different scents and flavors. They are a plant’s natural defense mechanisms against certain predators. 20,000 terpenes exist across all plants, with over 100 of them having been discovered in cannabis plants.

Terpenes are also believed to influence the specific types of feelings we get from certain cannabis strains and genetics. Some examples of the terpenes you’ll commonly find in cannabis plants include Limonene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Myrcene, and Terpinolene.

Cannabis flower sits on a variety of colorful citrus fruits which also contain the terpene limonene.

How does flavor influence your cannabis experience?

Different cannabis genetics produce plants with a world of different attributes. Different physical attributes, different smells, different flavors, and different effects.

Cannabis can have many complex flavors, all of which ultimately come down to a few umbrellas: citrus, gassy, sweet, earthy, funky/cheesy, floral, and the list really goes on. Most strains produce a combination of these and can be grouped into three primary flavors. This is also why you see many terpene profiles list three dominant terpenes.

Oftentimes, you can use these terpene profiles and perceived flavors to gauge the effects you’ll have upon consumption. For example, cannabis strains that taste like lemony citrus tend to be great for daytime experiences since they lean towards energizing effects. Conversely, strains that have gassy or berry flavors tend to be great for evening consumption and relaxing effects.

With the complexity of cannabis flavors and a strain’s chemical profile, it is tough to pinpoint one specific flavor towards one specific effect. These are just general guidelines based on common effects found in strains with common attributes.

A cannabis flower stalk bearing large nugs and dark green leaves stands tall in a commercial grow room.

What are the best flavors of cannabis strains?

When it comes to choosing the best flavors of cannabis, it’s all about your desired effects. The effects of cannabis are typically broken down along a spectrum that starts at energizing and ends at sedative and sleepy. In the middle, there are euphoric, uplifting, morale-boosting, and relaxing effects.

Below are a few different flavors that cannabis can produce, as well as the effects that are usually associated with them. Again, they are general guidelines, and not the end-all-be-all, since cannabis strains affect us all differently based on our individual endocannabinoid systems.


A tall cannabis flower cola stalk bears thick bright green nugs.

Lemon cannabis strains

Citrus flavored strains can be either lemon, lime, orange, or a mixture of them all. Lemon/lime and orange strains tend to have somewhat different effects.

Cannabis strains with a dominant lemon flavor are commonly energizing, thanks to the limonene in their terpene profile. Some examples of strains with lemon flavors and uplifting qualities include Lemon Cake and Lemon Pie.

Orange cannabis strains

Orange strains tend to provide an uplifting euphoria with an added punch that can get you pretty stoned. They are a little less racy than lemon-flavored strains. Some examples include Orange Cream and Orange Kush Cake.

A cannabis flower nug from the orange zkittles hybrid strain, which has a citrus smell because of its limonene terpenes

Funky/cheesy cannabis strains

Funky strains tend to derive from Cheese genetics strains, like Cheesecake for example. They have an even-keel euphoria that is both potent and great for relaxing effects. GMO is another good example of a funky strain with a potent high.

Gassy cannabis strains

Gassy strains always come with high potency. That is why the flavor is emphasized in so many genetics these days: people want to feel smacked after smoking, dabbing, or vaporizing. Galactic Gas is one example of a gassy strain.

Berry cannabis strains

Fruity strains like berries and grapes tend to have a heavily relaxing, damn near sleepy effect to them. Blueberry Muffin, Blueberry Gelato, and Granddaddy Purple are great examples of fruity berry/grapey strains with sleepy effects. 

A cannabis flower nug sits next to bluberries, which have similar flavors as some strains of weed.

Sweet/candy cannabis strains

Sweet can describe so many strains that have a candy-like taste to them. Most of the modern-day hybrids that fall under this umbrella come from a Zkittlez lineage, and have varying effects based on their crosses. In addition to Zkittles, Forbidden Zkittles is a great sweet and fruity strain.

Earthy cannabis strains

Earthy strains tend to have a somewhat general cannabis smell and taste to them. It somewhat resembles soil and dirt. They usually induce a heavier sensation, in that it leans more toward a downer than an upper when it comes to effects. Biscotti is an example of an earthy (and creamy) cannabis strain. 

Woody/nutty cannabis strains

Woody and nutty terpenes tend to fall in the same family as earthy. Jealousy has many smells to it; a nutty sort of aroma is one of them.

Sour cannabis strains

Sour strains tend to hold a tart, sour type of taste, in addition to their other flavors. Good examples are Sour Diesel and Sour Dubb.  

Spicy cannabis strains

Spicy strains usually have a peppery spice flavor to them. Durban Poison is a great example. These strains are typically great for daytime consumption.

Floral cannabis strains

Floral strains have a subtle type of scent and flavor to them that resembles - you guessed it- a field of freshly bloomed flowers.

In the end, these are all just a few of the many ways that cannabis can smell and taste it. Get familiar with them, and then you will not only develop a stronger relationship with cannabis plants, but you will also start to learn how certain flavors, terpene profiles, and genetics affect your body.

As always, once you learn the types of products and strains that you love most, make sure to only buy them from brands that produce high-quality experiences on a consistent basis.

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