If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re new to weed and curious about what the plant has to offer. Beautiful, welcome.

Many people are reluctant to try cannabis because of its psychoactive effects or because they don’t want to smoke. The good news is that you can avoid both if that’s your concern—just read up on CBD, CBG, and CBN. Not only that, there are many different types of cannabis products that allow you to enjoy those benefits.

Chances are if you clicked through this article, it’s because you aren’t too familiar with those products and you want to know your options.

Here’s a quick guide on how to find the right cannabis products for you. 

Cannabis flower comes in nugs and it's the source of all cannabis products.

Why cannabis is so great

There are a lot of potential health benefits to cannabis use. Many studies explore cannabis’ effect on things like reducing inflammation, treating anxiety disorders, and preventing seizures.

Cannabis is great because it may help you feel like a more complete version of yourself. If you’re stressed, it may balance you with relaxed feelings. If you’re lacking appetite, it might help you feel hungry. If you’re down, it might help you feel up. Cannabis is the ultimate balancing substance, and there are so many different ways to enjoy it.

Products like cannabis flower, weed gummies, cannabis concentrates, and weed pens are all excellent ways to consume cannabis. Choose the ones based on your needs, and then find the companies that will give you premium products on a consistent basis.

Cannabis flower has white trichomes that give cannabis products their aroma, flavor, and potency.

Weed edibles

If you’re not a smoker, then weed edibles could be for you. Edibles are usually candies or baked goods infused with different types of cannabis concentrates.

Most are made with THC distillate, but others of higher quality are made with live resin and solventless rosin. The latter options make for a much tastier experience.

In addition to THC, there are also CBD edibles that are great for people who want relief but don’t want to get high. THC is the cannabis compound that gets you high. CBD is the compound that helps you feel certain physiological benefits, but won’t produce psychoactive effects.

The many pros of weed edibles are that they taste delicious, require no combustion or inhalation, have long-lasting highs, and can be delivered through a number of infused foods. Weed gummies are the most popular type of edible these days.

The only cons with THC edibles are that the onset time and length of experience can be a bit unpredictable. Some edibles hit within 15 minutes; some edibles take 2-3 hours and last for up to 5 or 6 hours after. That can be a pretty intense experience for people who have a low cannabis tolerance.

Weed gummies are popular edibles and a great cannabis product to try.

Vaping cannabis flower

Another smokeless form of cannabis consumption is vaporizing. You can vaporize cannabis flower, and you can also vaporize cannabis concentrates. 

There are many health benefits to vaporizing cannabis flower instead of smoking it. Vaping is easier on your lungs because it doesn’t include harmful smoke byproducts. Vaping cannabis also promotes better flavor because you’re not consuming plant matter, just terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Beyond health, the positive benefit of vaping weed flower is that you can use many different strains of weed. So if you’re worried about harmful smoke, but still want to enjoy all the awesome varieties of cannabis flower, vaping weed might be what you’re looking for. 

Weed pens vaporize cannabis oil not cannabis flower.

Vaping with weed pens

Vaping concentrates is fire too, whether you’re using an oil cartridge or a dab pen.

The quality of vaping weed pens depends on the oil in the cartridge. For the most part, the oil in them will either be THC distillate with artificial terpenes, live resin that is made from solvent-based extraction, or a solventless rosin cartridge, which is becoming more popular.

Distillates are at the bottom of the barrel because the oil is made by stripping all of the compounds from the plant, except THC. Then companies add artificial terpenes for taste.

These are not the best because of the entourage effect, which implies that cannabis is most effective when there is a broad spectrum of plant compounds working together. That’s why people who prefer weed pens usually vape live resin and rosin or live rosin. Both live resin and rosin are made with full plant profiles.

The difference between the two cannabis extracts is that rosin is solventless, so there was never a solvent to purge from the final oil. This makes for the most natural chemical profile that a cannabis concentrate can have. Rosin or live rosin is as close to the original strain’s profile that a hash oil can be.

Oil vape pens are super convenient for people that want to consume cannabis on the go. They fit right in your pocket and don’t leave a lingering smell, like burning or vaporizing cannabis flower.

If that sounds like you’re thing, you might want to look into different kinds of weed pens, vape cartridges, and pods, such as disposables, 510 cartridges, and vape pod systems. 

Weed pens and vape carts are a great option for those looking for convenience and discretion.

Dabbing cannabis concentrates

For my people out there that don’t want to smoke, but still want an intense high coupled with a bold flavor experience, buy a dab rig and get you some cannabis concentrates.

Dabs might be too intense for people just starting out with weed, thus turning them off immediately. If you’re jumping into smokeless cannabis, start off with vape pens. Once you build a tolerance and know your body, move on to dabbing different extracts like badder, diamonds and sauce, or live resin and live rosin jams.

There are a lot of different consistencies of cannabis concentrates. For the most part, they all do the same thing. Live rosin is all the rage with dab enthusiasts because of its bold flavors and solventless attributes. As mentioned above, solventless concentrates are considered cleanest and to have the most unaltered profile.

Dab rigs for dabbing concentrates are a good option for those who want more flavor and potency.

Smoking cannabis flower

Smoking flower is the ol’ faithful method of cannabis consumption. It’s for the people who want the classic ritual of rolling up and actually burning some ganja.

The benefits of smoking flower is that there are so many devices for it. You can smoke bongs and pipes; you can also roll joints and blunts, or buy prerolls. Hell, you can even smoke out of an apple if you want to.

The cons of flower are smoke and the effect it has on your lungs. Plus, the lingering smell of burnt cannabis may be all over your clothes, car, or apartment. Outside of that, cannabis flower is pretty awesome.

If you’re smoking flower, you can buy different quantities like grams, eights, quarters, half-ounces, and ounces.

What’s also fun about flower is you can always enhance the flavor and/or potency by adding concentrates to it. This can be done by buying infused prerolls, or by pairing your dabs with flower inside of a joint paper.

Infused pre-rolls combine cannabis flower and concentrates for those who like to smoke weed.

Infused prerolls are joints, usually infused with a variety of concentrates inside the joint, or outside on the joint paper. The concentrates can be extracts like THC distillate, live resin, rosin, and kief.

With all of the methods of cannabis consumption, choosing the best strains of weed comes down to personal preference. You don’t have to solely commit to one single method when they all have plenty of benefits.

A perfect way to use the many different products throughout the day is to wake and bake with bong hits, hit your vape pen as an afternoon pick-me-up, hit a post-work joint, then eat an evening edible a couple hours before bed.

As always when buying cannabis products, only purchase from authorized retailers that sell verifiable products from reputable brands and dispensaries.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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At STIIIZY, we only use premium flower for all of our cannabis products, including our proprietary pods and battery system.