1g 40s pre rolls

The cannabis market has transformed immensely over the course of history. The ease of accessibility of the cannabis plant today was unfathomable back in the early 90s. Today more and more states are adopting new medical and recreational laws to allow cannabis consumption. This has inspired a new group of novice cannabis users ready to venture into a dispensary. With the amount of products available, making a decision on how to consume cannabis can be intimidating. This is why prerolls and blunts have been a consistent choice among consumers.

Prerolls are cannabis wrapped in thin rolling paper. The paper can come in a variety of sizes and flavors as well. Blunts are cannabis wrapped in tobacco wraps, similar to cigars. Blunt wraps also are offered in a variety of sizes, flavor, and even made using hemp instead of tobacco. The benefit to prerolls and blunts is the convenience it offers consumers along with comfort of recognizing something in store. It also doesn’t require any additional gadgets, tricks or prepping to consume. Just the preroll or blunt and fire is all one needs to make the most of the experience. 

Cannabis THC levels are the highest they have ever been. Average THC percentages in cannabis was on a steady incline throughout history. From the early 90s to the early 2000’s, THC percentages went from around 4% up to around 6%. After states began to roll out medical programs and cannabis farmers continued to fine tune their craft; a fire was lit under that trajectory and it reached new highs. THC percentages have risen over 500% since the early 90s to today. Tests average around 18-27% today with the highest tests showing 33%+. In the quest to pursue the upper limits of THC levels, the cannabis industry set its sights on infusing prerolls.

Infused cannabis is created by adding some form of extract to it: distillate, rosin, resin, bubble hash, or kief. Before medical programs the most common way to “infuse” cannabis was to sprinkle some kief on top of a bowl. By infusing the preroll it offers the ability for producers to control flavor, smoke experience, and THC percentages. Infusing prerolls can be done utilizing one of or a combination of ways: adding oil directly into it, mixing diamonds/kief/hash into it, or coating the outside of the preroll with kief. The combinations can bring life to some creative prerolls.

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