Buds & Bikini #2: A Night of Fire with STIIIZY

It was a hot day in Phoenix, and what better way to beat the heat than with a splashy sequel to our iconic Buds & Bikini event? This time, we turned up the heat, literally and metaphorically, with a lineup of activities that were as blazing as the Arizona sun. And of course, we made sure our STIIIZY fam was at the center of it all, dishing out the most exciting and exclusive offerings that left everyone wanting more.

As the crowd poured in, our loyal consumers were greeted with the opportunity to scan our QR code and receive a free 40's infused pre-roll! That’s right, all it took was a quick scan, and they were handed a sample of our latest and greatest. But the excitement didn’t stop there. After that, they could sample our new AIO's (All-in-One Disposable THC Pens), and boy, did we have a variety of strains to choose from! Our Brand Ambassadors were running the dab bar, answering questions, and making sure everyone had a blast.

Right next to our dab bar was the STIIIZYBALL activation, offering exclusive prizes from our LA distribution center. Attendees were encouraged to try their luck and take home some cool STIIIZY swag. And speaking of cool, we also brought in two iconic fire performers to surprise everyone with the hottest show in Phoenix - literally! They showcased legendary acts, even lighting up Alyssa's infused 40's pre-roll, adding an extra layer of excitement to the night.

The DJ was dropping beats that had everyone moving, and we were strategically located right in front of the pool. Yes, the very same pool where a belly flop contest gained quite the attention! The contestants were brave, the splashes were massive, and the crowd was roaring with laughter and cheers. And to light up the pool deck, we brought our STIIIZY lights, creating an atmosphere that was as vibrant as the crowd itself. 

The event was more than just a cannabis experience; it was a celebration of the STIIIZY community, our products, and the good times that come when we all come together. From the free 40's infused pre-rolls to the fire performance and the belly flop contest, it was a night filled with memorable moments and a whole lot of STIIIZY love.

Overall, Buds and Bikini Part 2 (Night of Fire) was a huge success. We laughed, we danced, and we celebrated cannabis in the most STIIIZY way possible.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made it an unforgettable night. We can't wait to see you all again at the next STIIIZY event!