King Louis XIII Strain: Regal High

Few old-school weed strains stand the test of time in this ever-evolving world of cannabis hybrids. King Louis XIII is one that was bred long ago but remains popular today. Here’s what you should know about the iconic indica-dominant hybrid.

A nug of cannabis flower from the King Louis XIII strain sits against a black background.

The genetics and appearance of King Louis XIII

King Louis XIII goes by many nicknames, including King Louis and Louis XIII Kush. This indica-heavy cultivar was bred by crossing OG Kush with LA Confidential, but who the original breeder was is unknown. It is a classic Kush cultivar that will get you extremely high.

King Louis XIII is commonly a lime-green with noticeable orange hairs and a flurry of milky white crystals covering its buds, making them stick to your fingers. At first glance, its dense nugs give off a yellowish-gold hue, a pleasing sight for the eyes.

A disposable weed pen with distillate from the King Louis XIII strain stands next to its black box.

What to know about growing King Louis XIII

This is a challenging strain to cultivate, despite its high yields and how well it grows both indoors and outdoors. It takes around two months to flower when grown indoors, and outdoors, it prefers dry, sunny locations, flowering in the fall. So make sure you get this classic from brands known for the best cultivation practices and cannabis products.

A weed vape pod with THC distillate derived from the King Louis XIII strain stands next to its white box.

How does King Louis XIII smell and taste?

King Louis XIII is known for its characteristic Kush taste, but you’ll find a range of reported flavors: from woody, herbal, piney, and earthy, to spicy citrus with a surprising presence of grape. But overall, Kush’s citrusy, piney-forest aroma will likely stick out.

King Louis’ terpene profile is dominant in myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene.

Weed strains like Blue Dream and Mango Kush are known for their myrcene, the terpene also found in anything from mango and hops to lemongrass and bay leaves. The noticeable citrusy touches come from its limonene, which you’ll find in much higher quantities in strains like Sour Diesel and Jack The Ripper.

Any traces of peppery, clover-like spice in King Louis XIII’s fragrance and flavor is owed to its caryophyllene, a terpene commonly found in high amounts among strains within the Girl Scout Cookies family.

An infused blunt rolled with cannabis flower from the King Louis XIII weed strain lies next to its purple-capped jar.

What are King Louis XIII’s effects?

Often testing for 20% THC, King Louis gets you super stoned; plain and simple. It is definitely the type of strain that you reserve for nighttime consumption. That's what you’d expect from such a potent indica strain that’s high in myrcene, the ultimate chill-out, couch-locking terpene when present in large quantities.

So, cannabis subjectivity aside, it’s no wonder the most commonly reported effects are sleepiness and relaxation (not to mention the munchies). Users generally talk about King Louis XIII causing a strong body high likely to wipe out your ability for any sort of activity, except of course, for sleeping—even if you toke during the day. It’ll knock you out.

That means this cultivar is best for consumers with a high tolerance, but even they will report on how the sleepiness arises almost immediately as they smoke, dab, or vape the flower or extracts. If you’re having a bad case of insomnia, this strain might be the one for you.

Infused pre-rolls with cannabis flower from the King Louis XIII strain lie in front of their purple-capped jar.

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