Ice Cream Cake Strain: Sweet Sensation

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you will probably love the dessert weed strains. There are plenty of options, many of which come from the Gelato lineage. One strain that is aptly named because of its flavor (and appearance) is Ice Cream Cake. Here’s what you should know about this amazingly potent and flavorful strain.


A nug of cannabis flower from the Ice Cream Cake weed strain sits against a white background.

Ice Cream Cake Genetics and Appearance 

Ice Cream Cake strain is actually one of those strain names that you’ll find listed in the genetics libraries of many different breeders. This is actually more common than you’d realize: popular strains can have different lineages depending on the cultivator.  


The most famous version of Ice Cream Cake was bred by none other than Seed Junky Genetics, legendary breeders known for creating Wedding Cake, Jealousy, and Kush Mints.

Their Ice Cream Cake cultivar is an indica-dominant cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, two of the most popular weed strains of all time. Mad Scientist Genetics is another well-known breeder, whose Ice Cream Cake crosses Cheesecake with Dream Cookie, two strains with Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream in their lineages.   

Ice Cream Cake is a very purple flower with orange and green accents and a thick coat of ice-creamy trichomes (when grown properly). More trichome density means more potency and flavor, as these resin glands are what house a cannabis plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes.  

Weed vape pods with cannabis-derived terpenes from the Ice Cream Cake strain are showcased with their black box.

Ice cream cake’s aromas, flavors, and effects

If you want bold tastes, you can’t go wrong with Ice Cream Cake. It tastes like a mix of sweet cake icing, frozen berries, and vanilla with hints of that gassy diesel you often find in cannabis.  Such a powerful mix comes from a terpene profile that in Ice Cream Cake commonly features limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene, and linalool.     

Limonene is the chemical that imbues fruit peels with their citrusy essence, and you find high amounts of it in strains like Lemon Tree and Super Lemon Haze. You may hear or read that limonene can contribute to a strain’s more uplifting effects, making it great for daytime use.   

As far as Ice Cream Cake is concerned, some users say it elevates their mood, but relaxation and sleepiness are the effects more commonly associated with the strain. That’s potentially owed to the strain’s myrcene, a very common terpene found in mangoes and lemongrass. Strains like OG Kush and Pineapple Express usually have high amounts of myrcene. It’s the terpene that’s often attributed to indica weed strains for how they can keep people glued to the couch.   

Weed vape pods with live resin derived from the Ice Cream Cake strain are showcased with their white box.

If you detect earthy spicy echoes of pepper, cloves, and cinnamon in Ice Cream Cake, you can thank caryophyllene for that. It’s the same terpene responsible for the kick you get in Girl Scout Cookies and its family, which Ice Cream Cake may be a part of if you trace its lineage via Gelato.  

Any added floral touches to Ice Cream Cake that remind you of lavender and jasmine will come from linalool. It is also likely to be the reason why people say the strain puts them in a chill mood. Imagine sitting in a room filled with wafts of lavender. It’ll make you feel laid back, and that’s how users say weed strains with an abundance of linalool operate.   

So while cannabis affects everyone differently, if you’re looking for downer effects, there’s a strong chance that Ice Cream Cake will lead you there. Users frequently report a happy kind of relaxation that swiftly turns into sleepiness.   

Ice Cream Cake might hit you with a cerebral feeling at first, but you can count on that feeling sliding down from up top into a full-body high that will have you looking for the most comfortable chair in the room. So be prepared for a potentially long-lasting high that inspires you to do little more than lie around.  

A black jar of live rosin badder derived from the Ice Cream Cake weed strain sits next to its black box.

Like any good weed strain, you deserve to enjoy Ice Cream Cake properly, so purchase the strain’s flower and/or extracts from top-tier brands that care about you loving their products. 

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