Black Truffle Strain: Earthy Delight

Are you looking for a weed strain that’s as amazing as Gelato but instead of leaving you feeling too sleepy, it makes you feel energized, even if the high is super potent?  

Then the Black Truffle strain should probably be your next purchase at the dispensary, as you’ll often hear users praising its ability to do just that: delivery potency that gets you going instead of knocking you out. Let’s discuss this indica-dominant hybrid with complex qualities. 

A nug of cannabis flower from the Black Truffle strain sits against a white background.

The Black Truffle strain’s origins and appearance

Black Truffle is an indica-dominant hybrid—often displayed as just an indica—bred by crossing Gelato #33 with some unknown weed strain. Big Chief out in California is credited for creating Black Truffle. As the name suggests, its purple flowers are so dark, they almost appear black. Their dense, spade-shaped buds grow from a short and bushy plant, as you’d expect from an indica-dominant plant. 

A nug of cannabis flower from the Black Truffle strain stands next to its black jar.

How does Black Truffle smell and taste?

With touches from tea and fresh coffee to lavender and menthol, users report a complex mixture of aromas contained in the Black Truffle strain. You’ll commonly hear people saying that itsflavors are floral, herbal, nutty, and dank. Consumers also often compare notes of the cultivar’s flavor profile to blueberries and grapes. 

Which brings us to its terpenes, the source of all flavor and fragrance in cannabis; Black Truffle has an abundance of caryophyllene, the terpene of black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon, which you will find in strains like Animal Cookies and Bubba Kush.  

Accompanying caryophyllene, you’ll find some terpinolene, a terpene present in nutmeg spice, tea tree, and oregano, as well as in strains like Dutch Treat, XJ-13, and Ghost Train Haze. 

Linalool also makes its presence felt (or smelled and tasted). It’s the terpene most commonly associated with lavender. Weed strains abundant in linalool include Granddaddy Purple, Lavender, and LA Confidential. 

A group of pre-rolls with flower from the Black Truffle strain lie in front of their purple-capped jar.

What are Black Truffle’s effects? 

Though the genetics would have you expect otherwise, Black Truffle is an energetic type of strain that leaves you feeling a boost in mood and social engagement. Need a talkative strain? This is the one that will help you sit in the middle at a dinner party and run the table without issue...although you may find yourself prone to getting giggly. 

Not only will you hear users reporting how Black Strain leaves them feeling energized and talkative, but some say it inspires streaks of creativity.  

However, as usual, the high varies from person to person, on how much of it is consumed and one’s level of tolerance. Some folks may take one bong rip and be ready to pass out.

A common theme you hear running throughout user reviews is that you can expect a heavily cerebral experience from this cultivar. Eventually, it may tail off into a physical body high, but the majority of the experience will be based in the head. 

A blunt of Black Truffle strain cannabis flower lies in front of its purple-capped jar.

If you're going to try Black Truffle, make sure to purchase it from a reputable brand at a legal dispensary. The better the brand, the better quality of the flower and/or extracts you’ll be consuming, and the better high you will experience.

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