A frosty white and green nug of cannabis flower from the Cereal Milk strain sits against a black background.


Dreamy, creamy, and delectable, Cereal Milk is a weed strain that’s been gaining popularity over the past few years. Let's take a closer look at what makes this balanced hybrid such an excellent choice. 

A frosty white and green nug of cannabis flower from the Cereal Milk strain sits against a black background.

Cereal Milk strain genetics and appearance

Originally bred by Powerzzzup of the Cookie Family, Cereal Milk is a cross of Y Life, which is Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Cherry Pie, and Snowman, a sativa-dominant phenotype of Cookies. Cereal Milk comes from the same family as strains like Gary Payton and Y Snowman. Like the rest of its relatives, this cultivar is high in THC .   
Cereal Milk’s buds are a blend of green shades with purple accents, orange hairs, and when grown properly, a thick creamy coat of frosty trichomes. One interesting perk is that while the buds are densely packed, they’re amazingly easy to break down.  

Two nugs of cannabis flower from the Cereal Milk weed strain lean on their White Label bags.

How does Cereal Milk smell and taste?

Cereal Milk weaves together a silky medley of sweet vanilla and a spark of spice, but it’s the sugary note that ultimately gives the strain its name. Yet, Cereal Milk also has a fruity citrus touch to it. When you smoke its flower or dab its extracts, you’ll find a surprising mix of sweet and sour along with a minty trace of herbs and piney undertones. 

This delicious medley of flavors is owed to the strain’s terpene profile, with caryophyllene lending a spicy kick that evocative of cloves and cinnamon. This terpene is known to contribute to the strain's calming effects.  

But then there’s limonene, the citrus terpene found in fruits like lemons, limes and grapefruits. It’s said to give rise to the Cereal Milk’s euphoric vibe as it does in popular strains like Wedding Cake and Zkittlez.  

Linalool, with its relaxing attributes, is a staple in strains like Do-Si-Dos and Lavender. This terpene is partly responsible for the fragrance in flowers like lavender and rose.

Finally, one of the most common cannabis terpenes, myrcene is the driving force behind the infamous "couch-lock" effect. This sedative terpene can be found in hops, lemongrass, bay leaves, and strains like Blue Dream and Mango Kush. 

A glob of live rosin jam derived from the Cereal Milk weed strain sits in its open black jar.

The purity of live rosin jam captures Cereal Milk's delicate balance of flavors and effects. 

Cereal Milk strain's effects: the ultimate balance

Cereal Milk is a versatile strain that tends to provide a long-lasting head high. The cerebral stimulation comes on hard and fast, potentially leaving you happy, mellow, and alert at the same time, and for hours on end. It is the exact feeling that people look for when they chase “sativa effects.” 

In fact, you find all kinds of contrasts when listening to how consumers report on the effects they feel from Cereal Milk. Some talk about the strain giving them the giggles. Others tout the weed as a great companion for socializing at an easy-going hangout with friends.  

You'll hear Cereal Milk users describe a spectacular balance of calm, clarity, and arousal that lends itself to inspiring streaks of creativity for one’s artistic pursuits, as well as an enduring focus on any to-do tasks needing to be struck off the list.  

All in all, a strain with such a range of sensations, is a feel-good strain made to put a smile on your face.  

 Clumps of live resin diamonds in a gold-colored sauce derived from the Cereal Milk weed strain sit an open clear glass jar.

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